[824] - Lightbox Gallery

This module is designed to highlight usage scenarios in an engaging fashion and to allow a user to learn more about each.  Related images are rendered side by side (horizontally) across the page.  On hover, a caption is displayed below the image with a call to action to see more.  Clicking this call to action from any of the graphic engages an overlay that highlights each graphic in the lineup with a title, description and optional call to action for each.  The parent 824 can include a heading, call to action and the child modules.

Schema fields used:


- Title or header (optional; supports 'Text or HTML Block')

- See all Link (optional; supports 'External Link')

- List of Links (supports 'Flex v2.0 - Generic Module' and used to insert other 824 child modules, one for each graphic to be displayed in the carousel)


- Image (supports 'Image'; a single large image should be provided to support the image display in the initial page display; proposed size of 640 x 277 and reduced to 143 x 62 in the carousel) 

- Title or header (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; shown on hover on state and within the overlay)

- Tagline (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; shown on hover below the title)

- Description (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; shown in overlay below the graphic)

- See all Link (optional; supports 'External Link'; shown in overlay below the description)

Main variations of module [824]:


Other Variations:

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