Module [823] Grid List of Featured Items

This module can be used to highlight items within a grid or to present information in tables. It is designed to support some of the new complex grid designs appearing in Flex 2.0 as well as to replace the need to build tables using RTF blocks as seen in previous versions of Flex.  The module  is meant to offer design consistency across pages as well as to allow the information to be more easily created and maintained by publishing and translations groups.  

The module supports a standard header and description followed by one or more tables.  Currently, is it enabled to allow the following types of content within a table cell:
Text (either freeform or component links to Text or HTML Blocks)

Images (Component link to Image)
Links (Component link to External Link, Internal Link or Software)
Supported modules (currently supports 302 and 503 modules but additional modules may be added over time) 

Flex 2.0 - Generic Table Schema 

Column Width: there are a total of 24 columns within a grid (referred to as “spans”).  A width should be specified for each column, in the order it shows.  Currently, a 100% layout is supported so ideally all column widths should add up to a total of 24. Width for each column is stated in terms of how many spans out of 24 the column should occupy  

Table Level Attributes/Visual treatment: 

    - 'Vertical separators' 

    - 'Show with Gridlines' which allows support for a subheader/header setting for a row

    - 'First Column - Bold' which will result in the first column of the table getting styled with bold font

    - 'Text Alignment - Center (exclude first column)' which results in all columns of the table getting a center alignment treatment except the first column

Row or Section Attributes

    - 'Header' indicates the current row should be styled as a header based 

    - 'Subheader' indicates the current row should be styled as a subheader 

    - 'Pricing' indicates that the row should be styled with special styling for price rows.  External links in these rows should be presented as primary buttons

Blank cells are supported and should be entered as simply as empty cell. 

The primary content is created using a Flex v2.0 – Generic Table component.   Within this component, there is one section required per row and within the row, one entry per cell.

Flex 2.0 - Generic Module Schema:

- Title or Header (optional; supports 'Text or HTML Block')

- Description (optional; support 'Text or HTML Block')

- List of Links (supports 'Flex v2.0 - Generic Table')

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