Module [802] - Parent – Features Carousel

This module allows the creation of a carousel.  Each child inserted into the carousel will contain an icon and title as part of its definition. This icon & title is then automatically assembled into a carousel as shown.  When an item in the carousel is clicked, the child module is displayed between the lines. Maximum number of features in a carousel is 6.

Schema fields used:


• Title or header (optional; supports 'Text or HTML Block', RTF formatting removed; shown as overall title of the parent)

• List of Links (supports 'Flex v2.0 - Generic Module' and used to insert child modules)

Child (302 and 2xx child modules supported at this time, 800 - coming soon):  

• Additional Fields - Field Type: 

-  Carousel Label (supports 'Text or HTML Block', RTF enabled to allow breakpoints in the label; shown as carousel label) 

-  Carousel Image Active (supports 'Image'; default icon size 102x60; provided for active version)

-  Carousel Image Inactive (supports 'Image'; default icon size 102x60; provided for inactive version) 

-  Web Fonts icon name (supports 'Text or HTML Block' or direct embedded in the Field Contents; replaces the need to link an active and inactive image into the module)  

When a web font icon name is provided, it will be used to display the icon (takes precedence over carousel image – active and carousel image - inactive). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The current icon fonts are leveraged from the Software collection on the short term. On the long term, a new process for uploading icon fonts to other BU collections.

For the Software collection of icon fonts, click here.

Main variations of module [802]:


Live examples: