[801] - Parent - Progressive Disclosure

This module allows a progressive disclosure to be included in a page.  The 801 is a parent container.  The content to be displayed when any of the containers are opened are considered child modules.  A progressive disclosure may contain any type of child module.  The most common type of child module is the 404 module which is basically a list of links with pdf size and/or video duration.
To create a progressive disclosure, the child modules are created first.  Then the 801 progressive disclosure is created and the child modules are added as a list of links

Schema fields used:

• Title or header (text or HTML block; obtained from Title of Parent Module if provided, otherwise from child module)

• Description (optional; not yet enabled for nesting progressive disclosures in subsections)

• List of Links (supports 'Flex v2.0 - Generic Module') 


• Progressive Disclosure Initial State: 

Progressive Disclosure - Remove Gray Hover

Progressive Disclosure - Remove Horizontal Rulers

Progressive Disclosure All Closed 

Progressive Disclosure All Opened

Main variations of module [801]:


Other Variations:

Single nested module sections

    Title for nested module


    Title for nested module


    Title/Header Component [801]




Live examples:

Helion OpenStack FAQ


    How is HP Helion OpenStack different?

    HP Helion OpenStack is a commercial distribution built on OpenStack technology that provides an open, scalable, highly available enterprise-grade cloud software platform to help customers build, manage, and consume hybrid clouds.

    What are the key business and IT issues that HP Helion OpenStack addresses?


    We believe that in fast-moving business environments, organizations should be able to define and deploy the cloud environments that suit them best. To meet this goal, HP Helion OpenStack streamlines the creation of highly scalable cloud infrastructures and services by providing a flexible, scalable, and open cloud platform that comes with a predictable and cost-effective pricing model.


    Will HP Helion OpenStack work with public cloud projects?


    Yes. HP Helion OpenStack provides provisioning to the HP Public cloud today and will support other public cloud projects in later releases.


    I have a mission-critical workload. Is HP Helion OpenStack appropriate for me?


    Yes. HP Helion OpenStack is built to run mission-critical workloads and designed with those workloads in mind. This is accomplished using secure service delivery supported across regions and users with Keystone integration with LDAP and Active Directory identity store. With deployment on resilient, distributed, and highly available infrastructure services with no single point of failure (e.g. active cloud failover for Nova, Cinder, controller services).


    View full HP Z230 SFF Workstation specs

* Variation descriptions on this page are set in a [501] module