Module [800] - Parent - Nested Modules

This module allows the creation of a nested component where the parent may have a title, description and/or image that would appear above child modules.
This is generally used in situations where the title and description should be full width but then the nested modules are each partial width (such as 33%).  Although these modules could be placed separately within the page, nesting provides a better row spacing making all content (parent and nested children) look like a logical grouping of content within the page.

Schema fields used:

• Title or header (optional; supports 'Text or HTML Block', RTF formatting removed)

• Description (optional; supports 'Text or HTML Block', RTF formatting removed)

• Image (optional; supports 'Image', centered in the available space) 

• List of Links (optional; supports 'Flex v2.0 - Generic Module' and used to insert child modules)

• Attributes: 

- Child Width
- Transition ( to be applied to children)
- Text Alignment
- Background Color

Note: Many of the designs that can be built with Flex 2.0 have a requirement for a single title and description that spans 100% of the normal body width followed by several smaller, child modules. This module supports the setup of a parent, the children are linked into the parent.

Main variations of module [800]:

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Live examples:

Up to

color B2-size sheets per hour

Seven color support

750 x 530 mm (29.5 x 20.9-in) maximum sheet size