Module [601] Social – Blog Posts Short Format

This module produces a list of posts (articles) for a specific blog. Posts are retrieved directly from the associated blog (using lithium active cast API) when the page renders. Content editors may choose which blog to display from.

Module will attempt to show the latest 2 articles by default with the ability to select a maximum number of 3 posts. This module shows a short form of the post without the description.

Schema fields used:

- Title or header (optional; supports 'Text or HTML block')

- See all link (supports 'External link'; all treatments are available) 

Additional Fields:

• Field Type: Blog Feed Id. Required and if not provided, blog articles will be missing from the module
Field Contents (text): the feed ID of the blog to be included in the page
• Field Type: Number of Articles. This is optional

Field Contents (text): maximum 3. Default is 2 when not supplied or when more than 3 and any other invalid value. 


If 1 blog ID provided, then all posts come from that blog. If multiple blog feed IDs provided, then the system should automatically choose to show an article from each blog feed ID. 

If multiple blog feed IDs provided AND the number of blog feed IDs entered does not match the number of articles provided, the system will simply select 1 article from each blog feed id even if this does not produce the number of articles selected.

If the number of blog feed ids exceeds the Number of Articles selected (or allowed), the system will ignore the extra blog feed ids.

Main variations of module [601]:


Title/Header component [601] : optional


Other Variations:

Title/Header component [601]: default h30507


Title/Header component [601]: default domain w/ label filter


Title/Header component [601]: default domain w/ tag filter

Variation descriptions on this page are set in a [501] module