Module [501] Featured Item – Item with List of Links

This module features item such as a software component or a capability of the product or service.  An  image is displayed at the top followed by a title and description.  Optionally, the module may have links and a see all link.  
It is common to have multiple featured items grouped under a common row heading & description.  In this case, each of the featured items are created first as a module 501.  They are then nested into another component where the overall title for the row is added.

Schema fields used:

  • Title or header (supports 'Text or HTML block'; font size 24px)
  • Tagline (supports 'Text or HTML block')
  • Description (supports 'Text or HTML block'; RTF enabled)
  • Image (supports 'Image')
  • Featured Item (supports 'Video Externally Hosted'; is recognized by the system to include a play button over the thumbnail and play it in an overlay when the play button clicked)
  • List of Links (supports 'External Link', 'Internal Link' and 'Video - Externally Hosted' components; optionally icons displayed if configured as part of the link)
  • See all link (optional; appears as call to action; supports 'External link' and 'Video - Externally Hosted')

  • Image Alignment: Left (Default), Center, Right
  • Text Alignment: Left (Default), Center, Right
  • Background color
  • Text Effects: Expand/Collapse (timing TBD)

  • For Responsive:
  • Hide Image on Mobile Devices
  • Molecule Size: Responsive Collapse Mobile Content

Additional Fields 

  • Highlight Label (generic field).
  • Field Value: Value may be supplied in either ‘Field Content component link’ or ‘Field Contents text’ field in component.

Note: For the [501], the editor can opt to place multiple modules as children in a [800] to have a white boxed effect and align to a common height. See examples below where attributes "Background Color - White (for child module)" & "Dynamic common alignment of child modules" applied to the parent [800].

Main variations of module [501]:


Other Variations: