[430] List of Links – Interactive Tile

This module produces a list of links to other pages. It will typically be used above the fold and beneath a main banner section with a set width but floating height (adjusting to the highest element in the list). It acts as a tertiary navigation to other pages and substitutes in some cases the [831] navigation as a more interactive way of engaging customers. These links are most often present with a small image at the top of a short punchy title and description. However, the system considers any of these fields optional to allow for any possible combination between them.

Schema fields used:

  • List of links (supports 'External Link')

External Link schema

  • Title: text version or alternative to text version
  • Description: text version or alternative to text version
  • Link URL, target type
  • Image (if display is a clickable graphic) - used for the active/hover-on state of the link. If only this value is provided, it will be used for both active and inactive states
  • Image to appear next to link (if predefined icons exist) - used for the inactive state of the link.
  • Icon Font. The icon font name to be referenced in [430] module needs to correspond to a valid label from this list.

Functional Specifications. For more detail, see Detailed Module Documentation

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