Module [420] List of Links – Links with document/video info

The primary purpose for this module is to display a list of links inside a progressive disclosure container.  The module varies slightly from other list of links since it shows link title only followed by document or video information if exists.

Schema fields used:

•  Title (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; SEO - H3)

•  List of Links (supports 'External Link', 'Video Externally hosted', 'Internal Link', and 'Text Or HTML Block') 


* If additional information exists within the links (type and size in external/internal link, size from document schema when not provided in internal link, or duration from video schema), this information is displayed below the link title - see examples below.

* If a Text Or HTML Block is inserted in the list of links, the formatted text should appear in the corresponding position within the list of links.  RTF is supported - see examples below.

Main variations of module [420]:


Live examples: