Module [403] List of Links – Simple List (such as Communities)

This module produces a list of links to assets or other pages. The list may include Events, Documents, Experts, Videos, etc. It will typically be used in the bottom row of page as a 33% layout however the layout width from the Flex 2.0 Generic Tab schema is supported.
These resources are most often presented with a small image to the left of the link information. However, the system considers the image optional and if none are provided the links are adjusted to the left margin of the module. The supports a title at the top which is followed by a small underline. It will typically be used at the bottom of the page with other similar modules; each occupying 1/3 of the row width.

Schema fields used:

•  Title or header (optional; supports 'Text or HTML Block'; plain text only, RTF not supported; left-justified)

•   List of Links (supports 'External Link' or 'Video Externally Hosted'; link title and icon managed from linked component) 

•   See all link (optional; supports 'External Link'; shown as call to action/button and at the end of the list)

•  Attributes : Link Icons: Hide Link Icons

Main variations of module [403]:


Other Variations:

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