[301] Spotlight CTA – Page Level Button

This module is used to place a primary/critical CTA on the page. The module also allows an additional set of links or textual information (such as phone number) to be displayed to the left of the CTA. This module is typically placed at the top of the page to the right of the tab row. It may also be used within the page or within a table. This is a separate module due to the requirement to wrap this link inside an H2 tag for SEO purposes since it will typically be used as the main CTA for a page and will be placed in the tab row.

Schema fields used:

• List of Links (supports 'External Link', 'Text or HTML Block'; RTF enabled; will appear before the primary CTA)

• See all link (supports 'External Link', 'Internal Link', 'Software')

• See all link treatment (recommended: critical button)

• Attributes: Link Icons : Show Link Icons

• Additional Fields: See All link Short Title

Note: It is NOT recommended to use this module within the page

Main variations of module [301]:

Variation descriptions on this page are set in a [501] module