Module [508] Featured Item - Rollover Treatment with Image - Enterprise

This module was designed to support the Mid-Term Enterprise Portfolio and Attach page sections. These sections' appearance is different, but they have the same structure.

An [803] parent module contains the section header and description, then contains a list of up to six [508] modules. Each [508] module is an individual tile containing an images with link and description below. The [508] modules can be displayed as a carousel, where an arrow control is displayed if the screen width is less than what fits the full list of images.

The examples on this page are a Networking Portfolio, followed by a Server Attach section.

Parent Module [803] Schema fields used:

  • Title: Module title appearing over the group of image links.  Requires Text or HTML Block component. (optional)
  • Description: The description between the module title and the group of image links.  Requires Text or HTML Block component. (optional)
  • List of Links: Contains the list of [508] modules making up each image/link in the section. Up to six may be specified.
  • Attributes:
    • "Slider: Include for Carousel Navigation" - if the carousel is to be used
    • "Spacing: Remove default spacing - bottom" is commonly used for a Portfolio page section that will be followed by a drawer button
  • Additional Fields: (used when portfolio is an anchor link for the [835] in-page navigation)
    • Field Type: "Anchor Id"
    • Field Contents (text): The anchor identifier for the portfolio. Typically "portfolio"

Module [508] Schema fields used:

  • Title: Must be the type External Link. The external link contains the URL destination when this image/link in the group is clicked. The External Link's title is shown just below the image.
  • Image: Link to image component
  • Description: Description shown under the link title.  Requires Text or HTML Block component. (optional)

Networking Portfolio Example - The parent module 803 has bottom spacing removed, because the production layout includes the drawer button that immediately follows this module.

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Server Attach Example

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