Module [409] Filtered List of Assets - Enterprise

Module [409] is was designed to support the Browse Resources enterprise page section. It has a header over an optional filter button, then a list of tiles that each contain an image and descriptive text.  Each tile links to a resource, such as a document, article or video.

Resources may include any external link such as a webinar, internal links to software or documents, videos and links to blogs. The tiles have special hover behaviour where the color (from the bottom of the tile) fills the entire tile upon hover.  The customer is able to click anywhere within the tile to trigger the link that the tile is pointing to.

Each tile included in the module will be displayed horizontally, creating a horizontal list of tiles. The list will wrap responsively to the next row. If there are more tiles than can be displayed, a right arrow control will be shown to the right of the display. When clicked, the display will scroll accordingly.

The Browse Resources section uses module 409 only; no parent module is used.

The examples show two variations of a Browse Resources page section.

Schema fields used:

  • Title: Component link to Text or HTML Block. This is the header over the list, like "Browse Resources". (optional)
  • Description and Tagline: Not used
  • List of Links: Contains each of the links to appear as tiles, under the header. Supports External Link, Internal Link, Video - Externally Hosted, Software and/or RSS Feed - Display from External Source. Titles for the tiles are specified in each link's Title field.
  • Attributes: Commonly used are Spacing: Remove default spacing - bottom and/or Spacing: Remove default spacing - top
  • Attributes: "Enterprise Attributes - Show bottom filter button in resources module 409" This attribute will show the optional bottom filter button, which follows the same display rules as the top filter button
  • Additional Fields (required to complete the filter and show all buttons)
    • Field Type: "Dropdown menu title" 
    • Field Contents (text field):  Typically will be 'Filter' or 'Filter resources'. This shows when the page opens as a CTA for the user to filter the results.
    • Field Type: "See all Short title" 
    • Field Contents (text field):  Typically will be 'All resources' or 'See all'.  This shows when the filter button has been pressed and the tiles are in a filtered display.
  • Additional Fields (if using this module as a 'Resources' module linked to the in-page navigation)
    • Field Type: "Anchor ID" 
    • Field Contents (text field):  Typically will be 'resources'. Must match the Anchor Id specified in the anchor link of the 835 navigation module 

Important - For the filtering to work correctly, each of the components listed in the List of Links must have its content type specified. To do this, open the Metadata tab in the component, find the field "Content/Resource type", click the selection button to the right of the field, choose "Software" and click an appropriate field. Examples of the wide selection available are article, blog post, brochure, presentation, video and white paper. This content type is displayed in the tile, just below the tile image.  On page load, the filter will collect these types, and offer the choice of all types found, as part of the filter button.
  • Metadata > Category: For gateway pages, the category tells the system what color to use for the tile when presenting on the page.
  • Metadata > Content/Resource Type: Determines the icon and title that will be used when showing the tile. In some cases (e.g. Blog), this may also drive functionality.

Typically the module will be displayed over a gray background color. This background color is specified in the Page Configuration Component where the 409 module is specified. It is specified as a row attribute, commonly Background Color: Grey or Background Color: Grey (type 28).

Example with default spacing present on top and bottom

Example with adding the optional bottom filter button

Example with default spacing removed from top and bottom