Module [201] Additional Info - Descriptive Info with Faded Description - Flex v2.0 enhanced for - Enterprise

This module was enhanced to support the Interstitial Banner page section, for Mid-Term Enterprise pages. It is a content block with image beside text, similar in appearance to module 302, but is typically much smaller on the page than a 302.

Module 201 features a title, image and description, with optional See All link. For the Interstitial Banner, the module color is specified in the Additional Fields fields as described below. One of the enhancements sets the width of the banner to 1000px width (two blocks of 500px).

The examples below are an Interstitial Banner taken from the Networking gateway page, and a variation of a production banner with text and image reversed, and a different CTA button.

Module [201] Schema fields used:

  • Title: Component Link to Text or HTML Block containing the title
  • Image: Component Link to the image
  • Description: Component Link to Text or HTML Block containing the description
  • See All Link: Component Link to External Link shown below the description (optional)
  • See All Link Treatment: Select the type of link for the See All link (optional)
  • Attributes: "Light Text Color" is commonly used for darker module colors
  • Attributes: "Image Placement: Right of Text" will reverse the order of text and image, if needed
  • Additional Fields:
    • Field Type: "See all link Short Title" (optional)
    • Field Contents (either component link or text field):  Title for the See All link above (optional)
    • Field Type: "Color Number" This colors the module to the color number below(optional for module, but may be required for page design)
    • Field Contents (text field):  The number of the color for the module. Example 2b8282
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