[408] List of Links –Visual Community Links

This module replaces the textual community links seen in previous page designs.  It still provides links to community pages but does this with images that are representative of the target page. The tiles have special hover behaviour where the color (from the bottom of the tile) fills the entire tile and a textual description of the target link is displayed.  The customer is able to click anywhere within the tile to trigger the link that the tile is pointing to. Each tile included in the module will be displayed horizontally, creating a horizontal list of visual links.

Schema fields used:

  • List of links (supports 'External Link')

Additional Fields:

  • Number of rows. A numeric value between 1 and 2 is expected. When no value is provided, it is assumed the links will appear one after the other and will be 1 row high. When a value of 2 is provided, the system will present the tiles stacked to make 2 rows.

Main variations: