[303] Spotlight CTA – Full row CTA with Image beside Text

This module will typically showcase a large graphic with a primary CTA. This is a side by side layout where the text and CTA is on one side and the graphic on the other. This module is very similar to the 302, but allows for a dropdown list of links and the Call to action to be displayed side by side. The module width will typically be 100%.

Schema fields used:

• Title (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; comes as H3)

• Description (supports 'Text or HTML Block'; RTF enabled)

• Image (supports 'Image')

• Featured Item (supports 'Video Externally Hosted'; video duration and overlay enabled)

• List of Links (supports 'External Link', 'Text or HTML Block'; the first item in the list will display by default in the dropdown window so will typically be a Text or HTML block, if an External Link is provided the dropdown option will be clickable to the URL provided)

• See all link (supports 'External Link')

• Attributes: 

Image placement: Left of Text (default); Right of Text

Text Alignment: Left (default); Center, Right

Text Alignment: Middle, Top, Bottom (to be used for vertical alignment) 

Image alignment: Middle (default), Top, Bottom (to be used for vertical alignment)

• Additional Fields: Image Description (caption or tooltip)

Following are variations of module [303]:


Image Description (caption or tooltip)

Title/Header component [303]

Tagline component

Example contains: 

• Title

• Description (this descriptive text)

• Tagline

• Image (not used as video thumbnail)

• List of links (shown in the dropdown)

• See All link (primary)

• Additional Fields: Image Description (caption or tooltip)