HP Pro Tablet 408 G1

Leverage a proven platform that bolsters your IT services portfolio, your customers’ productivity and your company’s bottom line.

Increase revenue and profitability

  • Grow your business and expertise with the world’s leading technology brand
  • Drive “beyond the box” revenues into SMB segment
  • Expand into the cloud software and device management solution space
  • Generate additional IT service opportunities
  • Deliver powerful IT management capabilities on a platform specifically built for SMBs

Gain deeper customer insight

  • Add value by helping customers maximize use of IT
  • Proactively uncover and quickly address customer IT pain points
  • Create competitive advantage by erasing that pain point–fast
  • Raise your profile as a trusted advisor via strategic, collaborative IT management
  • Provide “outsourced” CTO-level services

Make a mark in managed services

  • Accelerate and increase your ability to adapt to ever-changing market
  • Deliver the services customers require, on-demand
  • Add a valuable turn-key IT solution to your portfolio
  • Tap into higher gross margins via remote delivery, less expensive resources and automation
  • Add IT managed services to your offerings without adding infrastructure

A lifecycle of profits

  • Control costs and minimize downtime throughout the hardware lifecycle
  • Provide a solution for mobile and BYOD, as well as traditional devices
  • Deliver solutions that create “stickiness” versus “captivity”
  • Promote additional hardware purchase options, including HP Subscription
  • Eliminate hardware refresh pain by getting devices up and running quickly

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