Mobile device and mobile app security are hot topics these days, with everything from data leaks and backdoors to hacked celebrity accounts grabbing headlines with depressing regularity. In the face of so many breaches, experts are calling for the widespread adoption of multi-factor authentication to better secure access to data.

But which multi-factor authentication schemes offer the best balance between security and user convenience?

We put that question to a select group of mobile security experts…

What is Multi-Factor

Multi-factor authentication requires users to provide more than one form of authentication in order to verify identity and access systems or data. The first factor is generally some form of username and password, while the second can range from a PIN to biometrics such as a fingerprint, to physical keys such as Smart Cards and SecureKeys.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Influencer Insights

“Only 30% of healthcare organizations require multi-factor authentication to access electronic health records”

– 2014 Healthcare Information Security Today,
Information Security Media Group

“The use of something other than a single factor, user-password credential would have likely thwarted 80% of the hacking attacks reported last year”

– Verizon. 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report