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HPE Ideas Transformation Box delivers an actionable process for discovering new opportunities, validating customer engagement, and evaluating new business potential. It’s structured in six stages that each contains distinct methods and tools to generate new business ideas, develop and adjust a business model to meet the target customer segments and to test and prototype the innovation concepts iteratively throughout the process. Finally, it concludes with a startup-like pitch of your business model idea, which summarizes all results and insights that were derived from the tests and the feedback of your customers.

The original box (“Adobe Kickbox”) was created by Mark Randall at Adobe and published under a Creative Commons share-alike, attribution license. We at HPE adapted the box and enriched it with other methods and tools like the Value Proposition Canvas of Strategyzer. Now we want to share back our experiences and knowledge and make a contribution to the innovation community.

Further Information:

Bernd Gill
Manuel Meyer
Yannick-Tjard Schuetz

Adaption of https://kickbox.adobe.com/ - original Kickbox created by Mark Randall at Adobe.

Includes methods developed by Alexander Osterwalder from https://strategyzer.com/

The six levels.

Level 1: Inception

On your idea transformation journey, you’ll find roadblocks to overcome, you’ll have to defend your ideas against disbelievers and adapt them to better meet your customers' or market needs – knowing your motivations will help you to not give up.

Level 2: Ideate

Innovation is the implementation of creative ideas. But ideas have to be relevant, novel and useful to those who should benefit from them. To create innovations that matter, we have to understand which customer segments we want to create value for.

Level 3: Improve

Raw ideas have great potential, but they aren’t yet ready to be tested with potential users. First, they must grow stronger and prove that they work in a business environment. We also want to understand how we bring our idea to the market to ensure a strong customer relationship.

Level 4: Investigate

Is an idea valuable to your defined customer? Do you really address a problem the customer is facing? Do you have a solution that not only solves the problem but also is accepted by your customer?

Level 5: Iterate

You now have a functioning experimental platform running with traffic and data being captured. The next step is to bring the learnings back to your value proposition and business model and iterate your investigations.

Level 6: Infiltrate

Only one action remains ahead. You must infiltrate your idea to win a sponsor to turn it around. Level 6 is about winning over your sponsor with all your excitement, supported by the facts and findings you gathered over the last 5 levels.

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