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Information mastery, instantly
Put your information to work

Today’s explosion of digital information brings unparalleled opportunities to better serve your customers, engage partners, and stay ahead of competitors—provided you can efficiently manage and make sense of it all. HP Flow CM Enterprise provides industry-leading imaging and printing content management (CM) solutions that give you instant access to your information assets—in documents, email, voice and video files, webpages, images, and more. Use these powerful capabilities to search, organize, and make the most of your information—with ease.

HP Flow CM Enterprise can help you integrate, simplify, and automate information processes to reduce operating costs, improve employee productivity, and strengthen compliance efforts. Built by Autonomy, an HP company, this modular suite of solutions runs on Autonomy IDOL—a unique processing technology that understands the meaning of information in context to help you gain more value from your information traveling through your organization.

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Work smarter, not harder

HP Flow CM Enterprise consists of five powerful Autonomy solutions that you can use individually or as a suite to help turn information management challenges into valuable growth opportunities.

Autonomy TeleForm

Extract information from documents, precisely classify and index content, speed access to information, and automate document-driven processes. Use all of your knowledge assets to work more productively, reduce operating costs, satisfy customers and suppliers, and simplify compliance.

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Autonomy Process Automation

Accelerate paper and electronic forms management, and create consistent, compliant, and auditable processes. Define, deploy, and automate your routing, tracking, and approval processes. Reduce human errors, and automate manual tasks to make them work better for you.

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Autonomy WorkSite

Organize and access documents and email from virtually anywhere—using any networked or web-connected device. Enable seamless collaboration between teammates, partners, and customers. And stay on top of your evolving content, even on the go. Stringent version control and security tools help reduce risk.

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Autonomy Intelligent Universal Search

Search and retrieve information across a broad range of sources, data repositories, languages, file types, and formats. Locate relevant experts within your organization to enhance collaboration and productivity. Strengthen customer loyalty through faster response times.

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Autonomy Records Manager

Automatically classify, retain, and selectively dispose of records information. Locate and deliver documents right when they’re needed. Implement policies for compliance, and set protocols for deleting unneeded content to reduce risk.

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