The new HP Exstream 9.5

Get all the latest information you need to transform the customer experience in your organization with HP Exstream, including the latest release, HP Exstream 9.5 which is an innovation release*, and exciting new offerings like HP Exstream Cloud Production and HP Exstream Application Accelerators.*

  • HP Exstream 9.5
  • HP Exstream 9.5: At a glance
  • HP Exstream Cloud Production
  • HP Exstream Application Accelerators
  • HP Exstream and SparkPost Brief
  • HP Exstream Delivery Manager
  • HP Exstream Multichannel
  • *Please note that the current version of HP Exstream is an Innovation Release which means it is fully supported, fully tested, and production ready but it is not "feature complete." There are additional features we plan to add to the release before the final Long-Term Support (LTS) release is made available; the final date for the LTS version is currently TBD.

    Although Innovation Releases are fully supported and available to all customers, if problems are found, a newer release will be required that may require a database update due to features continually being added to the Innovation Release. Once the release is feature complete, the LTS version should not require any database updates.

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