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Mobile computing and WiFi for organizations of every size

It doesn't matter if your organization has 1 or 100,000 employees, you can still benefit from extending your productivity outside and inside the walls of your office:

  • Empower road warriors to keep their eyes on the prize without sacrificing response times to critical issues
  • Move around your office freely for meetings or face time without losing your connectivity
  • Provide flexibility for hard-working employees to work where they need to work

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Never miss a deal due to not being connected.

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Mobility is the key to ensuring increasing efficiency.

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Enhance the productivity and responsiveness of your agency or educational institution.

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Out of the wireless woods - helpful resources

HP provides a wide range of resources to help you learn more about wireless technologies:

Wireless 101 ›
The basics of wireless technologies and applications.

Laptop finder ›
Find the best notebook for your needs.

Helpful How-To Guides ›
Mobile wireless, iPAQs, notebooks & more.

Wireless courses at the Learning Center ›
Free, online, instructor-led classes.

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