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Why Business-Class PCs are a Smart Investment

Reading time: 3 minutes

It makes sense to consider the savings

Think back to the last time you bought a new PC or laptop for your business. Did you approach the purchase the same way you would for a personal device? And if you had a problem, were you satisfied with the level of service you received?
Consumer-grade devices can work fine for solopreneurs and freelancers, but businesses with more stringent performance, reliability, and support needs can save time and frustration by moving up to business-class devices.
Think of it this way: when you purchase an economy-class plane ticket you know there's going to be a marked difference between your experience and the experience of someone flying first class. More legroom, better menu options, more responsive service—the benefits are clear, and for many business travelers it makes sense to upgrade, especially if the flight is long.
When it comes to technology, the difference between consumer-grade and business-class PCs is just as marked as for flights—and for many businesses, the upgrade is just as worthwhile.

Here's the difference a business-class device can make for you:

  • Performance: Many modern consumer-grade processors and mobile operating systems prioritize battery life over processing power. Business-class notebooks often offer both better performance and longer battery life, allowing users to work faster and longer while on the road.
  • Reliability: HP EliteBook Notebook PCs are designed to pass MIL STD-810G testing—military-grade tests that include being shocked, dropped, doused in sand and more—and are tested for 115,000 hours to HP's own testing standards to help ensure durability. [1]
  • Support: Every HP Elite PC comes with HP Elite Premium Support, providing 24/7/365 dedicated service from U.S.-based specialists who are dedicated solely to supporting HP Elite products. [2]
  • Software and security: Business-class devices help their users take advantage of their advanced features with free, bundled software that is not available (or requires an additional purchase) on consumer-grade PCs. For example, HP Elite family products come with security software and features that protect at the data, identity, and device levels to help keep proprietary data safe.
  • Device as a Service: Worried about making major tech investments on a limited budget? HP DaaS can help you optimize your assets and resources with the latest business-grade tech. [3]
Your next device purchase will likely be with you for years to come. So when you consider that many of us are quick to upgrade our airline tickets—even though flights don't last more than a day—upgrading to a business-class device can make a lot of sense.
Weigh the benefits and choose the device with the level of support and reliability that meets your business needs. Shop HP business laptops and 2-in-1s now.

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