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Top 8 HP Products You Didn't Know About

Top 8 HP Products You Didn't Know About

Michelle Wilson
Reading time: 9 minutes
You might already know that HP products include printers, laptops, and even virtual reality gaming systems. However, there’s an entire world of HP products that might surprise you. HP®’s offerings include the world’s smallest portable photo printer, smart watches, specialized calculators, and even 3D modeling computers.
HP® is a market leader for innovative technology that spans dozens of industries including healthcare, business, academics, science, and design. Here are some of the top HP products you may not know about:

1. HP Elite x2 for business, school, and healthcare

HP’s Elite x2 is the perfect solution for business professionals, healthcare workers, and educators with software to complement the specific needs of each industry and work environment. The HP Elite x2 laptop enables the busy professional to move from place to place without any interruption to workflow management.
The HP Elite x2 detachable laptop is a durable 2-in-1 with the executive or go-getter entrepreneur in mind. With unbelievable power and a long battery life, this low-profile workhorse comes in a stylish and unexpected kickstand design.
The HP Elite x2 can make literally any environment an office: a hotel room, a coffee shop, or even a train. Environment won’t limit productivity potential thanks to the power and convenience encapsulated in this device.
The HP Elite x2 stands out from other business products because it combines enterprise-level security, unparalleled connectivity options, and a front and back-facing camera. HP Noise Reduction software and audio components by Bang & Olufsen mean that video conferences are effortless and crystal clear.
Plus, a full-size Wacom pen and digitizer enables you to write notes, sketch ideas, and pursue other creative projects. The optional USB travel dock delivers a range of display options, network changes, or connectivity for maximum work flexibility that dynamically responds to business demands.
But it’s not just for big business, the HP Elite x2 is a great sidekick and tool for the small retailer who needs to organize tasks, run business applications, and take stock of inventory. Built to pass MIL-STD 810G testing, the HP Elite x2 can handle the inevitable bumps and drops of life.
This makes this laptop perfect for healthcare contexts where busy doctors, nurses, and lab technicians need to move quickly from room to room in emergency medical situations.
Educators can also use the HP Elite x2 to plan lessons and can take advantage of specialized software like the HP School Pack 2.0 which is full of customized ideas and solutions for educators and academics looking to streamline, organize, and enhance their classroom.

2. HP Sprout desktop for 3D design solutions

HP Sprout Pro G2 desktop is a unique computer system that allows design professionals to go from concept to design to product. It bridges the gap between the digital and physical by projecting your 3D scans directly in front of you.

How it works

The ‘Illuminator’ is the creative hub of the HP Sprout because there you’ll find the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera and projection device. This camera can scan 2D or 3D objects and display them in real life onto the Touch Mat.
HP Sprout Pro G2 Desktop Used for Design
HP Sprout has impressive power working behind the scenes, including an Intel Core™ i7 processor, 1TB of storage, and a Windows operating system to keep everything running smoothly.
This system boasts plenty of breathing room to power through 3D and 2D digital imaging and designing needs.
The touch interface allows you to expertly manage your media with your hands on the 23-inch Full High Definition (FHD) touch screen or the display projection on the Touch Mat.
Scanning with HP Sprout is effortless thanks to the 3D Capture app. After using the scanning app, high-resolution 3D models can be transformed in the digital world.
And by using the optional 3D Capture Stage, a sizable portion of the process can be automated for more consistent, reliable scans.
Steps to creating a 3D scan with the HP Sprout:
1. Grab: scan the object using the Capture app
2. Mash: resize or add design elements to add a creative touch
3. Make: 3D print your project or use an HP print service partner

3. HP calculators

Although the abacus is a nice, vintage addition to the classroom or workspace, students, teachers, and scientists need advanced calculators to succeed in their fields. HP® offers three types of calculators to meet these specific requirements: graphing, scientific, and financial. These devices are perfect for students, researchers, accountants, and any professional with advanced calculation needs.

Graphing calculators

A graphing calculator is often required in engineering, surveying, computer science, trigonometry, statistics, geometry, biology, chemistry, or physics. This type of calculator comes chock-full of features for the advanced student or educator. The HP Prime graphing calculator, for example, is a full-color, touch-enabled calculator with math applications, assessment tools, and wireless connectivity.
HP Prime Graphing Calculator
You can even store equations or use it in a test-mode setting that makes only pre-approved functions available. Users also have the choice to switch between touch screen or simply use the keypad.

Scientific calculators

The worst thing that could happen during an important academic test like the SAT is to have your calculator wimp out on you. Trust one of HP’s reliable scientific calculators like the HP 35s scientific calculator. It’s great for engineering, surveying, science, and medicine. With its thoughtful adjustable contrast, you’ll never be squinting again.
This calculator works for high schoolers who need to pass the SAT Reasoning Test yet it has robust, advanced features to help professionals in the medical and science fields as well. It’s a handheld powerhouse that can do it all.

Financial calculators

If you’re in real estate, banking, business, or accounting, you’ll love the HP 12C programmable financial calculator.
A user-friendly format allows you to breezily switch between tasks like calculating interest, loan payments, ascertaining standard deviation, cash flow, bonds, and so much more. In fact, there are over 120 different functions for you to explore. And, it's allowed on tests for the CDP and CFA certification exams as well as GARP FRM exam.

4. Smart watches

Wearables are a huge trend these days, so why not get in on it with your own unique spin? HP® offers the Scuderia XX Ultraveloce “smarter watch” which boasts an impressive array of features. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing a smart watch thanks to the hidden digital display window.
Keep track of all your steps throughout the day, set step goals, preview emails and texts, and get updates and alerts from your calendar. Engineered to be aesthetically pleasing without compromising on function, this sporty race-car-inspired timepiece is a stunning fashion statement.
With the Scuderia XX Ultraveloce smart watch, you can sync and view both local and world time. Five days of battery life and the water-resistant outer deliver peace-of-mind so you can confidently go about your day knowing your watch won’t fail you. And, if your watch’s charge does die out, it will still work as an analog watch so it never totally loses its functionality.
It’s more important than ever to stay connected in our modern, fast-paced world. Don’t be left behind.

5. Speakers to amplify your world

HP products also include impressive audio options like powerful speakers to give you a cinematic experience or portable speakers that can slip into a purse or backpack for convenient mobility.

HP Mini Bluetooth speaker

This audio device is perfect for those improvised trips to the beach or a friend’s house. Never be without music when you bring along your HP Mini Bluetooth speaker. A casual bike ride becomes a movie scene when you can play the perfect accompanying soundtrack for your ride. Or, bring it to the pool to enjoy tunes as you soak up the sun.

Beoplay A1 Bluetooth speaker

The Beoplay A1 Bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker that’s both dust and splash resistant and can deliver 360-degree sound projection. Turn up the bass and enjoy up to 24 hours of battery life. Now the party never has to stop.

HP LCD speaker bar

The HP LCD speaker bar complements a monitor you already own and comes with a captive USB power cable and audio cable. The sleek, low-profile design of this speaker would complement any stylish office.

6. HP Healthcare all-in-one PCs and monitors

HP has a diverse suite of healthcare-oriented products perfect for doctor’s offices, clinics, and labs.
The HP EliteOne 800 G4 24-inch AiO PC and healthcare computer monitors are optimized for use in emergency rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, patient care rooms, radiology stations, nurse stations, operating rooms, pharmacies, and administrative offices.

Care delivery

During an appointment, doctors and nurses can personalize patient interactions using technology that records important data like symptoms and biometrics.
HP HC240 24-inch PC Monitor for Healthcare
With the HP Healthcare Edition Displays, patients and caregivers get consistent, reliable medical images, and clear clinical information at a glance.
This health-based technology helps doctors, technicians, and nurses get more face-to-face time with patients instead of being bogged down by their digital workflow.

Patient engagement

HP’s healthcare solutions and medical displays give patients the ability to more directly engage in their health journey. With HP’s patient education tools, you can build confidence and comprehension to make their healthcare and healing experience both a collaborative and interactive experience.

Population health

Virtually manage patients and encourage patients to adhere to their medication regimen. Manage patient symptoms, collect patient data, and track their progress.
Through HP Healthcare Edition PCs and displays, HP® helps to improve and facilitate the relationships between providers and patients.

7. HP laptop bags and accessories

Complement your stylish tech with equally stylish carrying cases and laptop bags like the HP Spectre Tote laptop bag. The exterior boasts full grain leather, a padded interior to keep your laptop safe and even an optional battery pack so you’ll never be without a charge. It offers unparalleled security in a beautiful package.
An HP Neoprene laptop sleeve is another option if you’re looking for a simple solution to protect your laptop from bumps and scuffs. Or, the HP Powerup laptop backpack is a great option for students looking to up their style quotient.
The HP Leather laptop sleeve is a stylish, simple answer to protecting your laptop. Advanced technology deserves equally advanced protection.

8. HP Sprocket portable photo printer

Who wouldn’t want the power of a printer in a smartphone-sized package? The HP Sprocket is the world's smallest portable photo printer. It uses revolutionary Zink technology which stands for “zero ink.”
You can print out 2 x 3-inch snapshots on photo paper or sticker paper. Edit each photo with text or color before printing in the HP Sprocket app, which makes connecting, editing, and printing your photos completely effortless. Instantly materialize your favorite memories and pass them out as party favors or use them as decor.
If you’re looking for display solutions, the HP Sprocket pen caddy is a fun, creative HP product with six different slots that are compatible with your HP Sprocket and HP Sprocket 2-in1. It allows you to turn a pen holder into a photo display, and change them up as often as you feel like. Or, fill it with memories and give it as a gift.
HP Sprocket light string is another way to display all of your favorite photos complete with a light to illuminate each special photo.
Carry around your HP Sprocket printer with an HP Sprocket wallet case that protects your printer and gives you a convenient place to stash it when not in use.

HP products for work, home, and play

HP products don’t just complement everyday life in the form of home printer and computer solutions, they elevate the mundane to the extraordinary.
Whether that means an innovative device for photo printing on-the-go with the HP Sprocket or solutions for healthcare to improve physician and patient relations, HP® is always looking toward the future to enhance and streamline any workflow and lifestyle.

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