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HP Pro c640 Chromebook: A Complete Review

HP Pro c640 Chromebook: A Complete Review

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 7 minutes
Enterprise and business users looking for a portable computing platform will find a lot to love about the HP Pro c640 Chromebook. It boasts a lightweight, high-quality build at a mid-range price. Plus, it comes in a sleek aluminum chassis, meaning it’s just as attractive as it is versatile.
In our HP Pro c640 Chromebook review, we’ll explore these key features that make it such a standout device:
  • Extensive customization options (processor, display, extended coverage)
  • Optimized for the cloud with Chrome OS
  • Great collaboration features (optional touch screen, 180-degree lie-flat chassis)
  • Extensive connectivity options (USB-C, USB-A, and more)
  • Affordable upgrades to Chrome Education or Enterprise
  • Strong security features (HP Privacy Camera, fingerprint sensor)
  • Eye-friendly features like anti-glare and backlighting
  • Portable, lightweight build (starting at 3.35 lbs and only 0.65 inches thick)
  • Long-life battery and 90% recharge within 90 minutes
  • ENERGY STAR® certified configurations available
Woman Sitting in Front of HP Pro c460 Chromebook
Let’s now take a look at the way you can customize your HP Pro c64. It’s worth noting that while your processor choice is important, it’s not the only way to boost the functionality of your final HP Business Chromebook configuration.

1. Customize your HP Chromebook with powerful specs

The Chromebook family of laptops and its Chrome OS are perfect for cloud computing, but the HP Pro c640 Chromebook also has a variety of processor options to suit different budgets and workloads.


Some options are covered by the base price, but you can also choose from higher performance processors if you need one. Customize yours with up to an Intel® i7-10610U processor, which includes Intel Turbo Boost Technology in most configurations.


The HP Pro c640 offers a powerful graphics loadout for any entry-level laptop, too, with Intel Iris®️ Xe graphics. It’s not suited for gaming, but it can compete with many dedicated graphics cards for pure visual performance. You can maximize the graphics performance by configuring yours with an Intel Core™ i5 processor or better and dual channel memory. This will also increase the efficiency of your device’s RAM.

Memory and other features

Your processor choice also determines the memory and storage specs of your build. For example, with an Intel i7 processor, you’ll get 16GB of RAM and a 128GB eMMC SSD for speedy local storage. You can also opt for additional security and ergonomic features without increasing the price at checkout.

2. Optimized for the cloud with Chrome OS

Chrome OS works a lot like other traditional operating systems, but its major advantage is its focus on cloud computing. By shifting more functionality online, Chromebooks are lighter, trimmer, more efficient, and more affordable compared to devices with loads of local hardware.
Chrome OS devices support the same kinds of functionality you’d expect, too. You can enjoy office and social applications, streaming, gaming, and more. Google’s Chrome OS also uses the Chrome browser as its primary interface, providing a convenient and simple way to access the services and applications you use most online.

Work offline, too

Are you concerned about working offline or dealing with lackluster internet connections? Chrome developers, as well as app developers, have made significant upgrades to offline functionality. Even though a Chromebook functions best with a steady internet connection, interruptions won’t keep you from getting work done.

Plenty of unique benefits

HP Pro c640 Chromebook
Chrome users can enjoy a slate of interesting, bespoke features. There’s early access to updates if you opt in, better low blue light management features, and robust built-in security, among others. Plus, using a cloud-based storage solution dramatically reduces the likelihood of losing important files as a result of a damaged or lost device.

3. Built for collaboration

For professionals who manage or work with a large team, the HP Pro c640 Chromebook is loaded with collaborative-ready features. To start, the range of processor options guarantees that you can configure yours to exactly support your workflow needs. If your routine centers on video conferencing and big groups, choosing a better processor allows you to breeze through multiple apps and tabs during a busy call.

Display options – including touch screen

Woman Using HP Pro c640 Chromebook in Tablet Mode
When building your HP Pro c640, you can choose from display resolution and optional touch screen functionality. Pick from touch screen or standard displays, up to Full High Definition (FHD) resolution, as well as a 220 or 250 nit display (for greater comfort working in bright environments). The lie-flat chassis also makes it easy to transform your Chromebook into a hub for group meetings.

Stay connected

The HP Pro c640 offers advantages for getting connected, too. It has built-in Intel AX201 WiFi 6 (2x2) and Bluetooth 5, plus HP Extended Range Wireless LAN. That means you’ll have an easier time joining a more distant or busy network connection, which is perfect for any location, from the airport to the classroom.

4. All the ports and connections you need

Slim laptops have a reputation of sacrificing ports to reduce costs or maximize portability. But not the HP Pro c640 Chromebook. It’s loaded with connection ports to improve usability and help you connect to all of your favorite accessories.
On the left side of the device, you’ll find a Micro SD reader for memory cards, a 3.5 mm audio/mic jack for headphones and other audio connections, as well as dedicated USB-C and USB-A connections. On the right side, there are additional USB-C and USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a Kensington Nano Security lock slot.

5. Upgrade to Chrome Education or Enterprise

In addition to standard configuration choices, there are two extra options for Education and Enterprise users. By purchasing either of these upgrades, you can access different built-in features and functionality.

Chrome Education

Chrome Education is designed to streamline manageability, allowing teachers and educators to free up time for students and planning. Administrators can use the Education upgrade to manage access, deployment, and advanced user options. Those include remote device disabling and an ephemeral mode that scrubs user data at logout.

Chrome Enterprise

A standard Chromebook will fit the needs of a working professional and even a small business owner, but the HP Chrome for Enterprise features better logistics management for larger businesses and organizations. That means boosted security, more features, and improved device management for your workforce. Read more about features at Google’s Chromebook for Enterprise portal.

More about upgrading

Upgrades are permanent and come at a fixed price, but you only pay once during checkout. The Education and Enterprise upgrades are both perpetual, too, so you get access to those features throughout the life of the device.

6. Advanced security options

When it comes to security and privacy features, the HP Pro c640 Chromebook provides a great range of features at its price point. It comes with a built-in HP Privacy Camera to help mitigate the risk of remote camera hacking. Just close the shutter when you aren’t using it for your own video calls or conferencing.
Log in more quickly and make passwords a thing of the past when you customize your build with the fingerprint scanner. It’s also worth remembering that the Chrome OS is designed for high-security cloud computing. You’ll enjoy better ambient protection during routine browsing and activity via integrated antivirus protection and automatic updates.

7. Anti-glare and backlighting

Screen time can be draining, especially when you’re tied to your desk for hours on end. That’s why all HP Pro c640 configurations feature built-in anti-glare technology, which improves working conditions in bright or high-sun situations. Work outside or open the blinds to let in more natural light without obscuring your display. Plus, with WLED keyboard backlighting, it’s easier to work in low-light scenarios.

8. Slim build and easy portability

HP Pro c640 Chromebook
With its compact build, the HP Pro c640 Chromebook is one of the slimmest Chromebooks available to date. The c640 from HP is only 0.65 inches thick. Plus, it weighs only 3.35 lbs in the starting configuration. That makes it a breeze to carry under your arm or in a laptop bag.
The HP c640 is also rugged thanks to its aluminum metal body, which was put through military-grade MIL-STD 810H testing during the design process. As a result, it’s built to be durable and withstand just about anything that comes its way.

9. Long-battery life and fast recharge

The HP Pro c640 boasts a long-life battery of up to 12 hours before you need to think about plugging it back in for a charge. And when you do, you’ll love the Fast Charge feature that provides a 90% recharge within 90 minutes.
That’s more than enough power to get through most workdays, and plenty of time for long commutes. Getting stuck without a place to charge may be a major hiccup we’re all familiar with, but 12 hours is a major buffer.

10. ENERGY STAR certified configurations

Across all laptops, your device’s specific configuration will have a major impact on its energy efficiency. But with the HP Pro c640, most of its custom builds feature the reassurance of ENERGY STAR® certification and EPEAT® registration.
The environmental impact of each build is also offset during manufacturing and delivery. It features 2% recycled plastics and low halogen construction, as well as 100% sustainably sourced and recyclable packaging materials.


With options to customize and a full slate of features, the HP c640 is a great HP Chromebook for enterprise and education users. It’s a great option as Google and HP continue to streamline and innovate the Chromebook family of computers. If you’re searching for a good deal on a premium Chromebook with killer features and a long battery life, the HP Pro c640 is a worthy choice.
About the Author: Dwight Pavlovic is a contributing writer for HP Tech Takes. Dwight is a music and technology writer based out of West Virginia.
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