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HP Inc. Day One: Keep Reinventing with Us

HP Inc. Day One: Keep Reinventing with Us

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By Dion Weisler, President and Chief Executive Officer

This week marks an incredible milestone for our customers, our partners, and our company. Having successfully achieved one of the largest and most complex corporate separations in history, Hewlett-Packard created two new Fortune 100 companies—HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As CEO of HP Inc., I couldn't be more excited and enthusiastic to bring you along with us into a new era of reinvention and innovation.
As a global leader in printing and personal systems, we believe that technology should make life better for everyone, everywhere. And we deliver that vision by engineering experiences that amaze our customers, partners, and consumers. At HP Inc. we believe in reinvention. We have the heart and energy of a startup coupled with the brain, muscle, and determination of a Fortune 100 corporation. It's why we keep reinventing our company, our technologies and what tomorrow holds, so industries, communities, and individuals can keep reinventing how they operate, ideate, and create what matters the most to them.
The creation of HP Inc. enables us to have a singular and exclusive focus on our printing and personal systems businesses, allowing us to compete vigorously in our core, and pursue growth in the medium term from natural adjacencies, all while providing the time and cash flow necessary to create new and exciting categories for the future.
We are now custodians of the HP logo and its brand. Our responsibility lies in protecting and enhancing its meaning and reputation. Running an independent, publicly traded company comes with great responsibility to our employees, our partners, our customers, our shareholders, our communities, and our heritage. HP Inc. is committed to living up to this legacy, by continuing to invest in research and development, focusing on innovation, and driving our business forward to deliver competitive quality products and solutions.
We want to create useful, smart, simple, and delightful technology that allows you to easily move from the inception of a brilliant idea to its best expression. Backed by more than 18,000 global patents, we will be the company that makes you take a second look at the impact printers and personal systems can have on every individual across society.
You will see us tap into growth in natural adjacencies, like reinventing the copier market with HP PageWide Technology, driving more pages from analog to digital with the broadest graphics printing portfolio, and expanding commercial mobility in key verticals. And finally, the future of HP Inc. is all about category creation and bringing wave 2 and wave 3 technologies to life. As the 2D and 3D worlds collide, we have created an entirely new category that we call Blended Reality, leveraging both immersive computing and 3D Printing—to take things from the physical world, into the digital world, and back out to the physical.
Building HP Inc. is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I couldn't be more thrilled, honored and humbled to lead this talented team and amazing company. Thank you for your role in HP's success, and for your commitment to joining HP Inc. on this new journey.

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