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Best Gifts for Someone Who Works from Home

Best Gifts for Someone Who Works from Home

Dwight Pavlovic
Reading time: 7 minutes
With more and more professionals telecommuting, chances are high that someone on your shopping list works from home. As a result, the pieces to create the perfect home office setup are in serious demand.
From desktop computers and office chairs to speakers and headphones, the best work from home gifts are often practical, but that does not mean they are any less thoughtful. And if you find the perfect gift, your loved ones can even use them outside of office hours, for fun, relaxation, and entertainment.
In our list, we’ll cover some of the most popular home office gifts available today:
  1. Comfortable keyboard
  2. New speakers or headphones
  3. Expandable desktop
  4. Reliable printer setup
  5. HP Z for creatives
  6. Versatile desk or workspace
  7. Ergonomic mouse
  8. Comfy office chair
  9. Adapters and other stocking stuffers
Shopping for a well-established home office? Think about upgrades and personal extras that can help round things out and make your work-at-home pro smile every time they begin the workday. An HP Z computer is a great tech upgrade for most professionals, while helpful accessories like an ergonomic mouse or desk chair may be necessary, too. Read on for more great work from home gift ideas.

1. Comfortable keyboard

HP Wireless Collaboration Keyboard
Finding the right keyboard is a perfect example of an important but often-neglected office staple. We use it every day, but often just settle for an inexpensive, unergonomic option. Gifting someone an upgraded keyboard is a great way to boost not just their workflow but their overall wellness. What better way to say you care?
The HP wireless collaboration keyboard is a versatile choice with a slim build and quiet scissor keys for accuracy and ease of use. It also features dedicated Skype for Business® keys to make virtual meetings and video calls a breeze.
There’s also the HP wireless premium keyboard if your recipient prefers a simpler layout. If they like a more traditional design, the Logitech MK850 Performance wireless keyboard and mouse combo offers a classic look and ergonomic design, including a premium wireless mouse.

2. New speakers or headphones

HP S101 Speaker Bar
Whether to help with work or recreation, isolation or immersion, audio equipment is another overlooked part of some home office spaces. Good speakers can be a boon for productivity and put the “fun” back in your functional work space. Meanwhile, headphones help remote workers focus while avoiding interruption when anyone else is working or schooling at home.
If you’re shopping for an HP fan, the HP S101 speaker bar is a simple and efficient way to help them upgrade their sound experience. Plus, it costs a lot less than most standalone speakers.
The Bose Companion 2 Series III multimedia speaker system is another affordable upgrade that’s perfect for larger, multi-purpose spaces.
For headsets, the Jabra STEALTH UC earset is a functional choice with a compact physical profile and no wasted space. It’s perfect for interacting with colleagues or keeping in touch with family.
The Sennheiser Circle SC 230 USB MS II is a more traditional headphone option with a conventional microphone and over-ear speaker.

3. Expandable desktop

HP ENVY Desktop
A superpowered desktop computer is a great way to tackle any project, and an expandable desktop PC is even more practical. You can reduce the initial cost of the device and let your gift recipient upgrade with new updated components as technology advances. Even just one or two expansion slots can make a big difference for users who want to beef up memory or storage down the road.
The HP ENVY desktop - TE01-0150xt is a great starting option, with room to add as much as 24GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. It also includes space for a dedicated graphics card for a visual upgrade. Need starting power right out of the gate? Try the HP ENVY desktop TE01-1175xt PC, which has more than double the beginning storage and RAM capacity.
If you’re shopping for a multipurpose device that can master work and leisure, the HP OMEN Obelisk desktop line can help. It has tons of great hardware and an even higher ceiling for customization. This computer is ideal for gaming as well as any resource-heavy software, with more than enough performance to keep up in the battlefield and the boardroom.

4. Reliable printer setup

HP ENVY Pro 6455 All-in-One Printer
Starting to miss the functionality of a dedicated, multipurpose office printer? HP® has a huge range of printers with a large selection of affordable all-in-one designs to provide not just printing but faxing, copying, and scanning, too.
For an affordable starting option, the HP ENVY Pro 6455 all-in-one printer is a popular pick that combines quick printing with copy, scan, wireless, and mobile fax features. And if your special someone hates dealing with supplies, you can sign them up for HP Instant Ink or consider the HP Smart Tank Plus 551 wireless all-in-one. It features an extra-large ink reserve that delivers up to 2 years of service.
Two of the key advantages of bigger printers are capacity and speed. If your work-from-home gift recipient has a heavy print load and tight deadlines, consider a laser printer. They’re more compact and accessible than ever.
Just look at the affordable HP LaserJet Pro MFP M148dw, which comes with multifunction features and a blazing fast turnaround of up to 30 pages per minute.

5. HP Z for creatives

HP ZBook 14u G6 Mobile Workstation
Shopping for an artist or engineer? Consider an HP Z. They’re designed to support professionals working in the most complex technical fields thanks to superior processing power and visual components. They also often have robust color accuracy and management features.
The HP ZBook 14u G6 mobile workstation blends performance and mobility in one of the thinnest and lightest physical builds available. It’s perfect for travel or as a standalone home office workstation. Or you can opt for a bigger screen and even more power with the HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation.
HP Z’s displays are notable, too. The HP Z24n G2 24-inch monitor is a popular option with a competitive price point and WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz), to help your gift recipient see all their work in crisp detail.

6. Versatile desk or workspace

Versatile Desk
While some work-from-home pros prefer to keep their workspace flexible, a functional desk is a good way to organize that space and keep it separate from the rest of the home.
For those who favor simplicity, the IRONCK computer desk is a lovely choice with a durable look, metal frame, and easy assembly. For a bigger office space, the VASAGLE L-Shaped computer desk offers more built-in storage and additional space for devices and other hardware.
Shopping for someone who prefers a standing option? The MONOMI electric height-adjustable standing desk provides a good height range, allowing users to shift from 27.6 inches to 47.3 inches of elevation. They can change the height with the easy-to-use built-in control panel.

7. Ergonomic mouse

HP OMEN Reactor Mouse
We already talked a bit about keyboards, and an ergonomic mouse is its natural companion. Whether it’s wired or wireless, a comfortable mouse is crucial for work and play.
For some, a wired mouse is best because it guarantees high responsiveness and quick command follow through. The HP USB 1000dpi laser mouse is a sleek and affordable option, while the HP OMEN reactor mouse offers extreme response times and quick optical-mechanical switches.
In the wireless world, the HP X3000 wireless mouse is a fan favorite. It’s reliable and beats out most items on our list for price. At the higher end of the spectrum, the HP Spectre rechargeable mouse 700 boasts a premium look and build, while still being a bargain tech gift.

8. Comfy office chair

Comfy Office Chairs
High-quality office furniture is another great and surprisingly affordable way to upgrade the look and comfort level of most workspaces. Improved functionality adds convenience to any workspace, making it an important part of our list of gifts for people who work from home.
The LUCKWIND ergonomic office chair is a stylish, understated option that comes in three color options. For a more compact profile without the typical armrests, there’s the BTExpert swivel mid-back armless ribbed designer task chair.
Better for more mixed-use spaces, the NEO CHAIR ergonomic mesh desk chair has a clean, functional design but boasts playful pink and blue color options. There’s also the J&L velvet office chair, which has a softer textile exterior and loads of different color options.

9. Adapters and other accessories

HP Thunderbolt Dock Audio Module
There are plenty of specialized tools and devices to help any work-from-home warrior, like hubs and smart home systems. HP® offers a variety of smart home devices at various price levels, including the dimming TP-Link Kasa smart light bulb and the Nest learning thermostat.
Device management accessories like the HP USB-C dock G5 are always in high demand for remote workers, too, and our pick will help streamline and declutter your gift recipient’s space. There’s also the HP Thunderbolt dock audio module, which can connect to a compatible dock to improve conference calls and virtual collaboration.


While the holidays can be stressful, we want to take some of the pressure off your shoulders by eliminating the guesswork when it comes time to find the best home office gifts. A lot of our picks are also universal enough that you could buy them for gamers, students, or any family members and friends who take their tech seriously.

About the Author

Dwight Pavlovic is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Dwight is a music and technology writer based out of West Virginia.

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