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5 Best HP Monitors for Business

5 Best HP Monitors for Business

Dan Marzullo
Reading time: 5 minutes
The right display makes all the difference.
A screen can affect our productivity in the office, keeping us from distractions while making it easy to reference a spreadsheet or document in the same space. Professional displays also come with some specialized features compared to their consumer counterparts, including ergonomic adjustments like height, swivel, and tilt.
HP Business PC Monitor
Different professions, of course, require different specs. The best PC monitor in the context of an accounting firm is going to be different than the top 4K monitors for photographers or web designers. When you’re looking to purchase the best display for the job, you’ll want to think about what you need from it.
Everyone is dazzled by impressive image quality, but usability needs will vary. Marketing managers and financial pros require a device that supports wide viewing angles and adjustable stands - and not the billion-color models built for filmmakers.
To provide some inspiration for your impending tech upgrade, here are the best computer monitors from HP®, for offices of all kinds.

1. HP Z Monitors

The HP Z Monitor collection comes in several iterations. These include the HP DreamColor Z27x 27-inch Studio Display, a pro-grade digital media powerhouse, and the HP Z27n 27-inch Display, an energy-efficient display with wide viewing angles that support collaboration.
The HP DreamColor monitor is a true dream for desktop video editors, graphic designers on laptop or PC, and anyone seeking next-level color accuracy. In fact, 80% of Academy Award-nominated visual effects professionals use HP DreamColor displays, and HP® even won an Oscar for these displays in 2015 [1].
HP DreamColor monitors are serious about visuals. These 10-bit displays provide more than one billion possible colors to create very specific works of digital art. You’ll get the most accurate colors possible, too, with a pop-up sensor that calibrates on demand or at scheduled intervals. The 2560 x 1440 resolution offers crisp graphics, bright colors, and deep, dark blacks, while contrast ratios range from 1000:1 typical to 800:1 minimum.
The HP DreamColor Z27X isn’t for every user, though. The typical office worker doesn’t need the attention to color, while gamers need a faster refresh rate and response time. Also, if you plan to use the display for consuming media, you’ll want a more affordable and brighter option.
The high-end HP Z27n monitor offers stunning graphics, adjustability, and a commitment to energy efficiency. It also has a smaller carbon footprint thanks to its mercury-free display lights, arsenic-free glass, and the ENERGY STAR® seal of approval.
The HP DreamColor may be winning Oscars, but the HP Z27n is ideal for those working with video or images, like web designers, art directors, and photographers.

2. HP EliteDisplay E-Series

The HP EliteDisplay E-Series includes business monitors that vary in price based on size and resolution, but this line is designed for the working professional. It’s perfect for compiling reports and finishing word processing tasks. Also, its design centers on making sure the space is used efficiently, both on screen and on your desk.
The HP EliteDisplay E273q 27-inch Monitor has a Quad High Definition (QHD) display for optimal viewing. Plus, you can easily adjust the monitor to fit your workstation and personal preference.
The monitor comes with height adjustment settings, and it can be rotated to portrait or landscape settings. You can also block out your on-screen distractions with the three-sided micro-edge bezel, which allows you to focus on your work. The monitor also has a number of plug-in options, too. It has USB-C connections, HDMI, a two-port USB hub, VGA, and DisplayPort to better fit your existing system.

3. HP EliteDisplay S-Series

Similar to the HP EliteDisplay E-Series, the HP EliteDisplay S-Series offers business-centric monitors with a greater focus on visuals and aesthetic.
The HP EliteDisplay S14 14-inch Display is a portable monitor that’s ideal for the worker who moves around a lot. Remote workers or those who prefer the flexibility of a laptop don’t usually have the luxury of a dual display workstation. Also, its compact size is perfect for coworking spaces or flexible seating plans.
The HP EliteDisplay S340c takes that beautiful business-minded interface in the opposite direction. Its ultra-wide, curved monitor screen makes multi-tasking a breeze, and the three-sided micro edge allows for multiple windows and plenty of breathing room.
For something that falls in the middle ground, consider the HP EliteDisplay S270 Display. It’s also built for wireless charging, and is ideal for workers who need a detailed display without giving up valuable desk space.

4. HP ENVY Monitors

HP ENVY monitors come in two sizes: 27 inches and 34 inches.
Most workers will fall in love with the HP ENVY 27-inch Display, which has 4K specifications to deliver crisp graphics and bring precision to the table. That goes for whether you’re taking a break for a gaming session or fine-tuning the photos for your company website.
Or, you can upgrade to the HP ENVY 34-inch Curved Display. The 34-inch screen is better suited for someone performing tasks that require a broader field of view. This curved monitor is truly the cream of the crop, too, because it delivers high-end visuals (WQHD at 3440 x 1440 pixels) and a ton of real estate.
The ultra-wide HP ENVY 34 is ready for business. HP® equipped the monitor with Bang & Olufsen speakers to bring music, calls, and meetings to life. It also boasts a Skype for Business™-certified pop-up webcam that can provide even more clarity during client meetings and conference calls.

5. HP N270c 27-inch Curved Monitor

A panoramic workspace is something of a fantasy for the office professional confined to a laptop or typical desktop display. The HP N270c 27-inch Curved Display makes that fantasy a reality.
The wide viewing angles and sleek gray design make this monitor a solid choice for office work, especially when you want a curved PC monitor that won’t eat up your desk’s real estate. It also provides 178-degree viewing angles and a three-sided micro-edge for a seamless and much more immersive display.
The HP N270c display is an affordable solution that’s particularly great for those who may benefit from using two monitors.

Upgrade your productivity with HP monitors

While these five types of PC monitors can absolutely bring major benefits to the workplace, there are other options available from HP® that may better suit your existing setup. Browse through HP®’s wide selection of business monitors for a look at the professional displays you can buy that fit your work habits. Whether you edit videos or need a reliable monitor for video calls, we’re confident you can find the best office monitor for you.

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Dan Marzullo is a contributing writer for HP® Tech Takes. Dan produces strategic marketing content for startups, digital agencies, and established brands. His work can be found in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, YFS Magazine, and many other media outlets.

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