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4 Ways To Hire Top Talent

Reading time: 3 minutes

Using tech to lure the best

Regardless of your industry, a capable and engaged team is central to your business' success, and usually an organizational priority. Finding the right people, however, isn't an easy feat, especially in the contemporary workforce that features four generations—Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z—each displaying its own distinct characteristics when it comes to looking for and assessing job opportunities.
Fortunately, technological innovation now makes it possible for businesses to connect with, evaluate, and understand today's workforce in ways that can help them score top candidates. Here are four ways you can use technology to land the employees you're looking for.

1. Recruitment videos

Though recruitment videos are nothing new to the HR landscape, they have enjoyed a dramatic makeover in the digital age. Cliché, prescribed interviews of employees sharing what they enjoy about the company have given way to more authentic—and often brief—accounts that highlight a company's everyday vibe and its core tenets.
Recruitment videos don't need to be lengthy to connect with candidates in engaging, energized ways. Fiverr,[1] an online marketplace for software services, pokes fun at old, stodgy recruitment video formulas and highlights the company’s sense of humor; while a clever interactive video from Deloitte[2] presented candidates a series of multiple-choice scenarios to assess fit.

2. Go geek

AI is changing everything from marketing strategies to professional sports, so why shouldn't it factor into your HR operations, too? A growing number of software companies offer AI-based recruitment tools designed to help businesses make better decisions about hiring, promotions, compensation, and much more. Software such as AllyO, Glider and Ideal helps you screen potential candidates, interact with them via chatbots and automate time-consuming tasks to make the hiring process easier.

3. Check your employees' pulse

About 95% of managers are not satisfied with their organization's performance management processes, while 90% of HR pros also discount the accuracy of their company's performance reviews.[3] One reason for the disconnect? The annual performance review, which some consider a dinosaur in the digital age, remains commonplace.
Instead, employers can leverage ongoing feedback apps like 15Five, Officevibe and Culture Amp to stay connected to their workforce. These tools can provide your business a more current, relevant look at staff engagement and help you build a more responsive, inspired workplace, which can uplift recruitment and retention efforts.

4. Up your online game

Make no mistake, prospective employees are evaluating your business, scouring the internet for insights and perspective. They want to see an organization that is cutting-edge, fun, and successful—not disconnected and uninspired.
Your business can use online channels such as blogs and social networks to spotlight the operation's standing as a marketplace or industry leader, its spirited culture, or its connection to goodwill causes. Make sure, though, that the online outlets you control are handled professionally and updated regularly.
Furthermore, recognize that current employees on social media can serve as powerful brand ambassadors, so don't dissuade them from sharing—just encourage them to do so responsibly.

Embrace technology in recruiting

Technology can be a powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to landing the right team members. From YouTube to Big Data, technology can play an important role in helping your business build its human capital. And with more engaged and talented employees in the fold, your business is on its way to heightened performance.

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