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Protect your Network Access at Home

After successfully setting up a wireless network in your home or small office be sure to secure it by following some of the recommended steps listed below.

Use a wireless transmitter with built-in security.


Most wireless base stations, gateways, or routers provide built-in security features listed here which can protect your network from the most common wireless security risks if they are implemented correctly.


Work behind a firewall
Specify a unique network name (SSID)
Use wireless encryption
Enable MAC address filtering
The following document provides more detail around these topics.


Close Your Network

If possible, prevent your network name (SSID) from being broadcast by the wireless transmitter Most wireless Access Points and Routers broadcast the name by default, telling any computer nearby that your network is available. By "closing" the network, other computers are less likely to know that your network exists.


Note: If your network is closed and the SSID is not broadcast, you will need to either remember or have written down the SSID in order to connect new devices to the network.


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