Wireless networking center

What is required?

Before setting up a wireless network in your home using the HP Network Assistant or small office be sure to have the following:

High Speed Internet Connection


Cable, DSL, or other broadband technology. Your Internet service provider (ISP) will provide you with the modem, Internet service, and the broadband Internet configuration settings.


Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router


The gateway between your Internet connection or fixed wire network and your wireless network.


Wireless Networking Adapter for your PC


Most computers use one of the following:

Integrated Wireless Network Adapter
PC card adapter for your notebook
PCI card for your desktop
USB adapter for desktop or notebook


Configuring a network using the HP Network Assistant

Once you have a good internet connection established you can start using the HP Network Assistant to complete your wireless netowrk.


Configure the network with wires first.


If you haven't already, connect your DSL modem or cable modem to the phone or cable TV jack on the wall and determine that you have an internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for setting this up before you can connect to the internet.

  Welcome to the HP Technology Center  

Configure the wireless network settings in your router and PCs automatically.


HP has made the remainder of the configuration simple with the HP Network Assistant. This web based service automatically performs the following tasks:

Introduces your router to your high speed internet connection.
Creates a new wireless network.
Secures your new wireless network.
Generates a setup package for easy connection of other computers to your wireless network.


Related support and online tools


Learn how to make your network productive and secure and get the information you need using the following links.

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