PC Tune-up

Recommended notebook PC Tune-up schedule


Like an automobile your notebook PC needs to be cared for to keep it running like new. HP has created a simple HP PC Tune-up Calendar.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to preview or print the HP Tune-up Calendar.


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Initial tune-up

After you setup your PC the way you want it, we recommend a few tasks to get the most out of your computer. The following recommended tasks should be your first step in beginning a solid maintenance program.


Weekly recommended tune-up

Perform some quick, simple tasks that should be done about once a week for the average computer user.


Monthly recommended tune-up

Reap the benefits of peak performance by completing a monthly tune-up.


Quarterly recommended tune-up

Clean up the clutter and dust it off to help extend the life of your computer.

Yearly recommended tune-up

Give your PC the clean bill of health it deserves. We have tailored the tasks for the everyday computer owner and power users.