PC Tune-up

Notebook PC yearly tasks


Give your PC the clean bill of health it deserves. We have tailored the tasks for the everyday computer owner and power users. These tasks can also be found in the handy HP PC Tune-up Calendar. Don't forget weekly, monthly, and the quarterly tasks are still important.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to preview or print the HP Tune-up Calendar.


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Everyday PC user tasks

Save a full year's worth of precious documents and photos to a safe location. The simplest way to protect your information is to write the files to a CD or DVD. You might also consider using RecordNow!’s System Backup or Microsoft’s Data Backup to automate the backup process.

  HP and Compaq PCs - Using Sonic RecordNow! 7

Microsoft Backup basics - Getting started: What should you back up?

Microsoft Backup basics - Tips for protecting your backup files  

Power PC user tasks

Power user complete overhauling procedures for PCs which have gone beyond ordinary repair and protection.