PC Tune-up

Desktop PC weekly tasks


About once a week you fill your car up with gas to make sure it can take you where you want to go. Performing these simple tasks once a week can do the same for your computer. Be sure to perform these tasks in the order they are outlined below.


1. Perform a data backup

Any important data that you do not want to lose should be backed up regularly. This can be done in any of a number of ways. Simply write the files to a floppy diskette, USB drive, or a CD-R. You might also consider using RecordNow!’s System Backup or Microsoft’s Data Backup to automate the backup process.

  HP and Compaq PCs - Using Sonic RecordNow! 7

Microsoft Backup basics - Getting started: What should you back up?

Microsoft Backup basics - Tips for protecting your backup files  

2. Update your Antivirus software

HP's Customer Care Web site regularly provides important updates, information and tips on computer viruses, worms, and hoaxes.

  Resolving and Preventing Viruses on Your Computer  

3. Update spyware detection/removal software

The best way to stop spyware from sabotaging your PC is to install and use InterMute’s SpySubtract. As with your Antivirus software, it is important to keep up with the most recent updates of your spyware detection and removal software. For more information visit the PC Security Center.

  Installing and Updating SpySubtract Software  

Desktop PC Tune-up Calendar

Power user complete overhauling procedures for PCs which have gone beyond ordinary repair and protection.

  HP Desktop PC Tune-up Calendar