PC Tune-up

Desktop PC Quarterly tasks


Clean up the clutter and dust it off to help extend the life of your computer. These tasks can also be found in the handy HP PC Tune-up Calendar. Don't forget weekly tasks and monthly tasks are still important.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to preview or print the HP Tune-up Calendar.


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1. Remove unused programs and desktop icons

Make the most out of your available storage space on your hard drive by correctly removing old programs.

  Increasing System Resources and Performance Without Adding Memory

2. Clean your PC

Cleaning your desktop PC can extend its life by getting rid of potentially damaging dust buildup. Think of dust as a blanket. Barely enough to see (.005 millimeters) can raise the internal temperature of your components by 5%. Doesn’t sound like much? It is enough to shorten the life of your system by years.