Wireless networking center

Welcome to the HP Technology Center
Get more reliability and value with HP mobile and wireless solutions. Setting up a wireless network has never been so easy. Using the NEW HP Network Assistant you can automatically set up a secure wired or wireless network in minutes.
  Welcome to the HP Technology Center  

Use the HP Network Assistant to setup your network

Before using the new HP Network Assistant a few checks should be done to ensure a working connection to the Internet is present. The "Setting up your Network" section outlines what is required prior to using the utility.


Troubleshoot your wireless network

Troubleshooting your Wireless Network has never been so easy. With 1-2-3 easy to follow troubleshooting steps and HP automated tools you can get your network up and running again quickly. This section also contains advanced troubleshooting steps for further assistance.


Secure your wireless network

Going wireless is a great option, however, connecting to a local area network (LAN) or to the Internet through your wireless network can expose your computer to potential security risks. HP has developed tools and provided useful information in this section to assist you with securing your wireless connection.


Wireless (Wi-Fi) tips

Learn how to extend your wireless networking capabilities with streaming digital audio and video, game adapters, locate free hotspots and much more.


Glossary of wireless terms

The HP glossary of terms provides commonly used wireless and networking related technical terms.