Personal computing security center

Welcome to the HP Technology Center
The PC Security Center is here to help you safeguard your PC. Learn about the steps you can take to protect your PC and use the tools built into it to surf the Internet safely.

HP Online Classes – Security Solutions

Worried about safeguarding your children, your computer, and your important data in today's connected world? HP can help keep you and your important data out of harm's way. Our free online courses will help you protect your system from viruses and spyware, back up your important data, and more.


Virus threats and other security issues that affect your PC can be avoided through a combination of software protection and removal tools, operating system security updates, and safe computing practices on the web. HP provides easy-to-follow Personal Computing Security methods and solutions here in one central location.


Protect your PC

Learn steps to help prevent virus and security threats as well as tools to help remove adware, spyware, and similar threats.


Clean your PC

Learn simple maintenance tasks which can be performed once or twice a month that will make a difference in the overall performance of your computer and maintain its file system integrity.


Fight spyware

HP provides useful information for specific spyware threats that may affect your computer and much more


Stop spam

Learn about threats related to what e-mail spam is, why it may be in your e-mail inbox, and how you can prevent and report spam.


Glossary of security terms

The HP glossary of terms provides commonly used security-related technical terms.