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HP Explores AI and Future of Work and Play at Amplify Retail Forum

Industry leaders convene to discuss retail growth strategies in 2024 and beyond

June 03, 2024

News Highlights

  • HP welcomes >500 Retail Partners for two-day interactive event
  • Features executive keynotes from across HP leadership bench and key alliance partners
  • Latest cutting-edge innovation to be displayed in an immersive Store-in-Store experience
BARCELONA, June 3, 2024 – On June 4 – 5 2024, HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) will host its HP Amplify™ Retail Forum in Barcelona. The theme, Future Ready – United We Win, will explore the convergence of hybrid systems and generative artificial intelligence (AI) in powering the future of work and play. With a myriad of opportunities to drive long-term, sustained partner growth, the Forum will also display new products and solutions in an immersive retail environment.
"Retail partners play a pivotal role in our Future Ready strategy and paving the path for sustained growth," stated Kobi Elbaz, HP SVP and General Manager, Global Channel, Sales Innovation and Operations. "At this week's HP Amplify Retail Forum, we look forward to exploring the countless opportunities that lie ahead to drive our collective business forward, enabled by HP’s innovative solutions powered by AI."
Powerful Products and Solutions
HP is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge products and solutions tailored for the AI and hybrid powered world. To usher in a new era of personalized computing, gaming, and creation, HP offers an innovative portfolio of personal computers (PCs) and accessories that reimagine how customers live and work with technology.
HP recently unveiled the world’s most powerful ultra-mobile next-gen AI PCs1, including the HP OmniBook X AI PC. This next-gen AI PC unlocks capabilities beyond traditional consumer PCs, running AI locally on the device for maximum performance, efficiency, and privacy with longer battery life2 than ever before. The HP OmniBook X AI PC is designed and engineered around the Snapdragon® X Elite processor3 and its dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU)4, capable of 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS) to run language models and generative AI locally on the device.
Recognized as an industry leading partner for gaming, HP offers OMEN and HyperX innovations that empower users to enjoy personalized play experiences. Furthermore, HP boasts the world's most secure PC5 and Print6 portfolios including the world's first business PCs to protect firmware against quantum computer hacks.7
Combined with smarter devices from HP and Poly, HP is committed to delivering customer-centric solutions that cater to individual needs, offering the right products at the right cost, precisely when customers want them.
Commitment to Sustainability
HP aims to become the World's Most Sustainable and Just Technology Company by leading with purpose in areas such as Climate Action, Human Rights, and Digital Equity. With over 115 industry awards and certifications, HP is recognized as a leader in Sustainable Impact.
HP prioritizes circularity and sustainability in product design, development, and deployment, using more recycled and renewable materials, practicing responsible chemistry, and improving product repairability, reusability, longevity, and recyclability. By the end of 2024, all premium PC packaging is expected to be 100 percent plastic-free, and 100 percent compostable by 2025.
Future Ready Retail
At the HP Amplify Retail Forum, attendees will experience HP's Store-in-Store exhibition. This retail format will display HP products and services within an engaging onsite retail environment, providing a firsthand demonstration of how these solutions can enhance the shopping experience and drive sales.
HP is committed to adopting an omnichannel strategy that focuses on creating exceptional customer experiences to maximize the effectiveness of the shopper journey. By investing in this approach, HP aims to attract more customers both online and in retail, ultimately driving higher foot traffic and sales.
About HP Amplify
HP Amplify™ represents the first global partner program optimized to drive dynamic partner growth and deliver consistent end customer experiences and outcomes. It delivers a simplified and easy-to-navigate global structure, which rewards partners based on three pillars: performance, collaboration, and capabilities. Since the launch of HP Amplify, HP has expanded the program with Amplify Data Insights, Amplify Retail, Amplify Online, and Amplify Impact.

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