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HP Wolf Security: Rebellions and Rejections Report

September 09, 2021




New Cybersecurity Report from HP Reveals 91% of IT Teams Feel Pressure to Compromise Security

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HP Wolf Security: Rebellions & Rejections Report

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Joanna Burkey

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), HP Inc.

Ian Pratt

Global Head of Security for Personal Systems, HP Inc.

“As the old world of work that operated largely within established security perimeters gives way to a post-pandemic hybrid model of distributed working, the organizations that will come out on top will be the ones that accept and adapt to change – rather than fighting the inevitable. This won’t be a pain-free process. It will require strong leadership and communication. Cybersecurity teams will need to prioritize security that is fit for purpose in the new hybrid workplace while users will need to take on more accountability for their company’s security.” 

Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer, HP Inc.

“The fact that workers are actively circumventing security should be a worry for any CISO – this is how breaches can be born. If security is too cumbersome and weighs people down, then people will find a way around it. Instead, security should fit as much as possible into existing working patterns and flows, with technology that is unobtrusive, secure by design and user intuitive. Ultimately, we need to make it as easy to work securely as it is to work insecurely, and we can do this by building security into systems from the ground up.”

Ian Pratt, Global Head of Security, Personal Systems, HP Inc.

“CISOs are dealing with an increasing volume, velocity and severity of attacks. Their teams are having to work around the clock to keep the business safe, while facilitating mass digital transformation with reduced visibility, while employees haven’t quite reconciled their role in helping to secure the enterprise. Security has to become a shared responsibility across the business, with each individual understanding the important role they have to play.”

Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer, HP Inc.

“Cybersecurity needs to be something that everyone can buy into. Cybersecurity teams need to keep the business safe, but users also need to play their part. It’s like physical safety – if you have a staircase in the office, then you need to install a banister and perhaps have it carpeted instead of tiled, so people don’t slip and fall. But at the same time, you’re also trusting that people don’t dash down the stairs three at a time and injure themselves. Cybersecurity teams can provide those guardrails, but they still need people to tread carefully. As we navigate this new era of hybrid working, I’m thinking more about how I can ensure everyone is collectively working together to keep the enterprise safe from harm.”

Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer, HP Inc.

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