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The HP D300e BioPrinter “prints” pharmaceutical samples instead of ink

July 13, 2020

HP Inc. is the world leader in fluidic based micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices embodied in inkjet printing today. HP has invested many billions of dollars in research and development, as well as capital equipment over the past three decades to create the world’s largest digital printing company. All this provides the foundation to extend this technology into new domains. HP’s Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) and the Microfluidics Technology and Operations (MTO) teams have collaborated to bring HP’s first life science application in this space to market: The HP D300e BioPrinter with inkjet printing technology is enabling automated laboratory dispensing to “print” pharmaceutical samples instead of ink. The BioPrinter is being used by labs and pharmaceutical companies all over the world, including the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) in the Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Lab Network, to perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing for health departments and hospitals nationwide. *NEW* On July 13, 2020 HP announced an update to their COVID-19 response efforts, the donation of BioPrinters to research institutions across the U.S. and EMEA to accelerate drug and vaccine research to combat the pandemic. 

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The HP BioPrinter Prints Pharmaceutical Samples Instead of Ink

The HP BioPrinter has been purchased for a pilot program run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that aims to accelerate the testing of new antibiotics designed to fight antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

UCSF Uses HP BioPrinter To Optimize Combinations of Cancer Medications

Watch Dr.David Donner, Director of Surgical Oncology Research Lab, explain the benefits of innovative new microfluidics technology in cancer research.

HP’s D300e BioPrinter appeared on ABC’s The Good Doctor

HP’s D300e BioPrinter had an exciting debut on Season 2, episode 12 of ABC’s The Good Doctor. More than 12M fans tuned in to watch the show’s protagonist, Dr. Shawn Murphy (played by actor, Freddie Highmore), in awe of the printer, asking, “Is that a D300e pathogen antibacterial bioprinter? You're working on antibiotic resistance in emerging microorganisms?” The scene closes with a “demo” of the D300e.

HP BioPrinter

- by Photo by HP

HP BioPrinter

- by Photo by HP

HP BioPrinter

- by Photo by HP

HP BioPrinter

- by Photo by HP

HP BioPrinter

- by Photo by HP


Sue Richards

Global Head of Print Microfluidics,

Technology & Operations


Annette Friskopp

Global Head & General Manager,

Specialty Printing Systems



“Each of us has a role to play to combat this pandemic, and HP and the HP Foundation have donated millions of dollars in products and grants to support local communities impacted by COVID-19 worldwide. We are inspired by the research being conducted by laboratories worldwide to better understand this pandemic, and if the HP D300e BioPrinter in the hands of these scientists can help accelerate their drug and vaccine research, it’s our responsibility to step forward and dedicate resources and technology to make it happen.” 

Annette Friskopp, Global Head and General Manager, Specialty Printing Systems, HP Inc.

“Bacteria continuously develop new ways to resist antibiotics—once a drug is approved for use, the countdown begins until resistance emerges. In fact, resistance has even been detected before FDA approval. To save lives and protect people, it is vital to make technology accessible to hospital labs nationwide. We hope this pilot will help ensure our newest drugs last longer and put gold-standard lab results in healthcare providers’ hands faster."

Jean Patel, PH.D. D (ABMM), Science Team Lead, Antibiotic Resistance Coordination and Strategy Unit, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

"We want quality of life. We want cures. And the D300e is facilitating that.”

Dr. David Donner, Director of Surgical Oncology Research Lab, UC San Francisco

“Applying technology in new and impactful ways is core to what we do at HP. The CDC’s use of HP Bioprinters epitomizes the power of print – pushing the boundaries of innovation while making the world safer, cleaner and healthier for all.”

Tuan Tran, President of HP Imaging, Printing and Solutions

“Through our pilot with the CDC and working with public health labs in the US and world-wide, we hope to help CDC in its efforts to change the way the healthcare industry tests antimicrobial resistance to help people with the most critical health needs. We are honored to collaborate with the CDC and others in our commitment to innovate solutions that can enhance drug susceptibility testing, ultimately improving patient health and combating antibiotic resistance.”

Annette Friskopp, Vice President and General Manager, Specialty Printing Systems, HP

“It’s very exciting to see our inkjet printing technology support the CDC’s latest initiatives to help save lives. For over 75 years, HP has been enabling Federal organizations with technology that bring their missions to life. We’re honored to support the CDC in coming one step closer to more accelerated testing."

Todd Gustafson, President, HP Federal & Head of US Public Sector

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