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Poly Studio X Family of Android-Based Video Bars are Now Certified for Google Meet

March 27, 2023

Extending the Power of Poly on Google Meet

The Studio X family of Android-based video bars are now certified for Google Meet, which means organizations can leverage the power of Poly innovation with its first room solutions for Google Meet.

The entire family of award-winning Poly Studio X devices are now certified under the Works with Google Meet program, which guarantees compatibility of video conferencing devices and peripherals with Google Meet. The Poly Studio X family of video bars, paired with the TC8 or TC10 touch controller, are the first Android-based video appliances to deliver a comprehensive meeting experience for Google Meet users. 


Meet the Poly Studio X Family of Video Bars

The Poly Studio X family makes setup easy with an all-in-one design that gets your room up and running in minutes. The Google Meet app1 is built right in, providing a seamless native experience. Pairing the Studio X family with Poly’s intuitive touch interface empowers users to join, launch, and share meetings in an instant. This eliminates complicated processes and reduces frustrations, so everyone can collaborate efficiently and focus on what’s important.

The Poly Studio X family delivers pro-grade audio and video innovations to deliver a more equitable experience. The phenomenal capabilities and technologies users can enjoy, include: 

  • Poly DirectorAI intelligent camera framing modes automatically adjust according to the dynamics of your meeting to enable the best meeting experience for all attendees. 
  • Poly NoiseBlockAI filters out non-verbal noises, such as keyboard typing, loud HVAC systems, and trains, so the focus stays on the conversation and the user is heard clearly. 
  • Poly Acoustic Fence shields your call from sounds and conversations outside the meeting space and keeps them from becoming a distraction, while supporting more genuine conversation. 

The Poly Studio X family provides flexibility across the portfolio to meet the needs of any size meeting space:  

  • Poly Studio X30 – Boardroom-quality performance in a compact design — this delightfully simple all-in-one video bar is perfect for equipping all your small rooms and huddle spaces. 
  • Poly Studio X50 – With immersive room-filling audio and an advanced second-order gradient-microphone array, this video bar was built for mid-sized rooms. Thanks to the dual display support, you can see people and content in full size. 
  • Poly Studio X70 – Ready for the best meeting experience available? Poly Studio X70 turns any large-room video call into a hassle-free delight. Its dual 4k cameras intelligently work together to provide optimized views of all parts of a large room while seamlessly transitioning between people. 
  • Poly TC8 & TC10 Interface – Our intuitive touch control interface lets you access your meetings with ease, while high-resolution touch displays make control options clear and accessible. 

Investment Protection

Ensuring your video conferencing hardware investment is protected for the long haul gives you peace of mind in a very unpredictable world. Fortunately, the Poly Studio X Family is supported natively by many cloud video providers, so you don’t have to stress. 

For current Poly Studio X customers, your transition to Google Meet will be simple: leverage your existing hardware with a new Google Meet license. 


Continuous Growth

The Poly Studio X family of video bars is the latest addition to the growing list of HP | Poly devices certified for Google Meet, Google Voice, and ChromeOS2. Poly offers a wide range of Google Meet certified solutions so users can look and sound their best on every call, regardless of location or workstyle, including: 

  • Google Meet – In addition to the latest Poly Studio X certification, Poly offers a variety of headsets, speakerphones, and video options certified to work with Google Meet. Works with Google Meet Solutions
  • Google Voice – Poly is the exclusive manufacturer of desk phones designed to work with Google Voice. Our Google Voice portfolio also includes headsets, speakerphones, and the Poly Studio P5 webcam. Works with Google Voice Solutions
  • ChromeOS – Our portfolio of devices designed to work with ChromeOS includes personal video devices and a variety of headsets. Works with Chromebook Solutions


For more information on Poly certified devices for Google Meet, Google Voice, and Chromebooks, please visit: Poly Solutions for Google.

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