Global Employment Screening

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This site contains information regarding the employment screening process and provides a general overview of the information required by First Advantage® (formerly known as LexisNexis®), HP’s global employment screening vendor, in order to conduct the screening. Click on the below drop-down menu and select the country of hiring to determine if you have any additional country specific instructions and/or documentation requirements:
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It is vitally important that you provide accurate and complete information in the screening profile. Falsified information or omissions may result in an employment offer withdrawal or termination from employment. While in certain circumstances you may be allowed to begin employment with HP prior to the completion of your screening, if you do not successfully pass the screening, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment. In addition, if you are currently providing services to HP in a contractor capacity and you do not successfully pass the screening, the employment offer may be considered null and void and your assignment may be terminated.

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Contact First Advantage® (formerly known as LexisNexis®) LexisNexis (toll free) if you need any help with creating your online screening profile.