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True to our history as an industry innovator, HP was one of the first companies to offer an Employee Purchase Program (EPP). Since 1966, HP's EPP has been considered an extension of our brand - a symbol of our employees' connection with our products. HP's Employee Purchase Program is a company-sponsored benefit that offers retirees - along with employees - the opportunity to purchase select HP products at a discount.

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Do I qualify for EPP discounts?

The HP Employee Purchase Program is open to Company classified retirees (who met eligibility criteria for HP retiree medical benefits, OR retired under a qualifying Enhanced Early Retirement Plan). Retirees of HP, Compaq. Digital, EDS, Tandem other acquired companies are eligible to purchase through the program. See below for Agilent eligibility guidelines. Note: Family members of deceased retirees are not eligible.
HP/Agilent eligibility guidelines
A retiree is eligible to receive the HP EPP discounts if he or she:
  • Was retired already from HP and was declared an HP retiree at the time HP and Agilent split
  • Has retired from HP since the split
  • Was retired already from HP and was designated as an Agilent retiree in the split, but never went on the Agilent payroll (note: HP retirees were designated as Agilent retirees on the day of the split if the division from which they retired became part of Agilent).
A retiree is not eligible for the HP EPP discounts if he or she:
  • Was migrated to the Agilent payroll, as an active employee, at the time of the split, then retired from Agilent (note: these Agilent retirees are eligible for the standard EPP discounts that are available to employees of Agilent).

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New to EPP?
If you are new to the HP Employee Purchase Program, welcome! Please check out the EPP Basics and eligibility requirements (Do I qualify?).

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