HP Indigo Full Press Portfolio

A wide range of presses for all segments, any customer, and for every need. Explore the full HP Indigo product portfolio.

General Commercial Print

HP Indigo empowers you to do more than you thought possible…if only you Dare To Imagine. The broad, diverse range of commercial applications encompasses brochures, catalogs, booklets, calendars, direct mail, among others. Digital isn’t just for short runs anymore, longer runs can now affordably utilize digital flexibility.


HP Indigo 100K Digital Press

The world’s most productive B2 digital solution1 with true digital non-stop print capabilities, at 6,000 sheets per hour.

HP Indigo 12000 with Factory Installed 15K Value Pack

An even higher standard, including new software, hardware, supplies, inks, and even premium, new add-ons—all of which add up to an increased ability to net lucrative new opportunities. and push down the rest of the printers.


HP Indigo 15K Digital Press

The press that will have you saying yes to any application, on any substrate in any run length. The next generation of the world’s best-selling B2 digital press.

HP Indigo 7K Digital Press

Enjoy endless applications with the widest range of media and over 20 specialty inks.

HP Indigo 7eco Digital Press

A trustworthy solution, delivering uncompromising HP Indigo image quality, built to accommodate high printing volumes and deliver well into the future.


HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press

Designed for high-quality, large-format specialty applications.

HP Indigo WS6800p Digital Press

A simplex web solution enabling high-quality applications such as oversized book covers, lay-flat photo books, cut-sheet photo products, and more.

Labels and Packaging

Meet brands’ increasing demands for shorter runs, speed to market, personalized experiences, and faster growth.


Label and Packaging

HP Indigo V12 Digital Press

The first press to utilize the new industry-altering LEPx Technology. A narrow-web label press, printing at 120 linear meters per min.

HP Indigo 25K Digital Press

Grow in the on-demand, sustainable flexible packaging market.

HP Indigo 6K Digital Press

The industry standard for digital label production.

HP Indigo 35K Digital Press

Gain on high-growth business with the step-function press for short-run folding cartons.

HP Indigo 8K Digital Press

Optimize your production shop floor with the ultra-productive press for on-demand and medium to long runs.

Additional digital presses

Expand your capabilities and achieve new business opportunities with the most advanced presses on the market.