Press Kit: May 18, 2010

HP Software Universe Hamburg 2009

HP Software Universe is HP's biggest enterprise software event of the year, bringing together top customers, business partners, executives, developers and engineers.

HP Software Universe 2009 is a conference about making things happen—reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and delivering immediate improvements and short-term ROI. It’s about practical, real-world things IT organizations can do to help their business stay healthy today and lead the market tomorrow.

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HP Software Universe News – December 16, 2009

HP Accelerates Cloud Computing Adoption for Businesses and Service Providers

HP Helps Businesses Optimize Costs of Cloud Adoption

HP Helps Telecoms Tap New $6.2 Billion Market: Communications as a Service for Midsize Businesses

HP Extends Automation from In House to the Cloud

HP Software Universe 2009 Germany Press Conference

HP Software Universe News – December 16, 2009

HP Operations Orchestration Data Sheet

HP Communications & Media Solutions Backgrounder

HP Software as a Service Blogs

Business Outcomes in the Cloud Blog

Archie Reed’s Secure Observations Blog

Executive bios

HP Software & Solutions Executive Bios

Thomas E. Hogan, senior vice president, Software & Solutions, HP

Anand Eswaran, vice president, Global Professional Services, Software & Solutions, HP

Andrew Isherwood, vice president, Software Services, Software & Solutions, HP

Anton Knolmar, vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Software & Solutions, HP

David Sliter, vice president, Products and Solutions, Communication and Media Solutions, Software & Solutions, HP

Erwan Ménard, vice president and general manager, Communications and Media Solutions, HP

Jamie Erbes, vice president and chief technology officer, Software & Solutions, HP

Mark Shoemaker, evangelist, Business Technology Optimization, Software Software & Solutions, HP

Ottavio Carparelli, director, Service Delivery Infrastructure and Applications, Communication and Media Solutions, HP

Paul Muller, vice president, Strategic Marketing, Software Products, Software & Solutions, HP

Tim Marsden, chief technologist, Communications and Media Solutions, HP

Supplemental press materials


HP Study: Thrive in Unpredictability

Product Images and Screen Shots

HP Operations Orchestration

HP Operations Orchestration_Workflow Start
This image shows the initial launch phase of the HP Operations Orchestration flow, designed to help allocate more capacity in the Amazon EC2 cloud to meet customer demands and increase service availability.

HP Operations Orchestration_Workflow Complete
This image shows the completion of the HP Operations Orchestration flow, with the new Amazon EC2 instance up and running in production.

HP Cloud Assure

HP Elastic Test
HP Elastic Test enables Cloud Assure to benchmark and tune the applications’ cloud footprint to ensure proper elasticity planning and most predictable cost.

HP Diagnostics
HP Diagnostics provides Cloud Assure the ability to isolate and diagnose non-resource bound performance issues such as inefficient code, slow SQL and memory leakage.

HP SiteScope
HP SiteScope provides Cloud Assure the visibility into cloud compute resource utilization, which is essential to proper infrastructure provisioning and results in optimized costs.

HP Communications as a Service (CaaS)

HP CaaS program - HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS
The HP Aggregation Platform for SaaS is a key element of the HP Communications as a Service (CaaS) Program and allows a Service Provider to onboard a set of hosted and SaaS Services, and deliver them to customers by leveraging existing BSS systems.

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