Press Kit: May 18, 2010

HP and Shell Sensing System

HP and Shell are collaborating to develop a wireless sensing system to acquire extremely high-resolution seismic data on land. HP and Shell will use their complementary knowledge and experience to produce a groundbreaking solution that can sense, collect and store geophysical data.

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HP and Shell to Develop Ultrahigh-resolution Seismic Solution
Faster Decision Making with Breakthrough Sensing Technology

HP Sensing Solutions

HP has developed an inertial sensing technology that enables a new class of ultrasensitive, low-power MEMS accelerometers that are up to 1,000 times more sensitive than high-volume, commercial products.

Integrating the devices within a complete system that encompasses numerous sensor types, networks, storage capabilities, and computation and analysis tools that monitor the environment, assets, and health and safety, enables a new level of awareness, revolutionizing communication between objects and people.

The new sensing technology represents a breakthrough in nano sensing research and uses the fluidic MEMS technology codeveloped over the past 25 years by HP Labs - the company’s central research arm - and the company’s Imaging and Print Group. The technology is a key enabler of HP’s vision for a new information ecosystem, the Central Nervous System for the Earth (CeNSE).

HP Sensing Solutions: A New World of Possibilities
A Central Nervous System for the Earth


MEMS Accelerometer Device
MEMS Device
MEMS Device
MEMS Device
MEMS Wafer Diagram

Executive Bios

Rich Duncombe, Strategist, Technology Development Organization, Imaging and Printing Group, HP
Jeff Wacker, Services Innovation Lead and HP Fellow, HP Enterprise Services

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