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HP Unveils iPAQ Pocket PC H3900 Series with Stunning New Color Screen and Expanded Versatility

HP (NYSE: HPQ) today announced the iPAQ Pocket PC H3900 series -- the newest line in the world's No. 1-selling Pocket PC family -- complete with a spectacular new color screen for easier viewing of pictures and for crisp text, and versatile features such as a universal remote control for home and office electronics.

The new iPAQ Pocket PC H3900 series also contains a secure digital input/output (SDIO) expansion slot, allowing customers to move data back and forth through the smallest, lightest and most sophisticated storage and expansion accessories. SD cards are typically about the size of a postage stamp, offering expanded memory capacity today, and in the future, connectivity capabilities via Bluetooth, digital photography solutions and wireless(1) local area networking (WLAN).

"Mobile professionals appreciate true-to-life color displays, faster performance and robust data preservation; this new iPAQ Pocket PC series delivers on all accounts," said Sean Burke, vice president, HP Smart Handhelds. "Designed for business customers who want untethered access to information, their personal and business contacts and their enterprise applications, the new iPAQ H3900 series is an ideal tool for workers on the go."

The iPAQ Pocket PC H3950 comes with 32 MB of Flash ROM (read-only memory) and has an estimated U.S. street price of $649.(2) The iPAQ Pocket PC H3970 comes with integrated Bluetooth capabilities and 48 MB of Flash ROM, at an estimated U.S. street price of $749.(2) Both models are powered by Microsoft® Windows® for Pocket PC 2002 and the 400MHz PXA250 processor with Intelâ XScale technology for accelerated multimedia and security, and include 64 MB of RAM (random access memory).

Models begin shipping this week and expected to be widely available in July. See for details. HP also added a 256 MB SD memory card to its secure digital portfolio at an estimated U.S. street price of $199.(2)

Extending the Lead in Pocket PC Capabilities

The iPAQ Pocket PC H3900 series builds on the success of previous iPAQ models with its sleek, elegant design and compatibility with the innovative Expansion Pack system. Optional Expansion Packs offer the freedom to use standard PC card and CompactFlash (CF) cards and now provide removable, rechargeable batteries.

Bluetooth capabilities (built-in or through an Expansion Pack) wirelessly link customers to Bluetooth-enabled phones, printers and PCs. A complete list of compatible Bluetooth options is available at

The devices' new transflective liquid crystal display combines the rich color saturation and high contrast of a backlit TFT display, while maintaining the ability to view the screen outdoors in bright sunlight. Taking advantage of the new screen, the iPAQ Image Viewer application allows customers to keep their photos with them and display them as a slide show.

An integrated Nevo application gives customers universal control of their infrared-equipped audio and video equipment in the office and at home. Users can customize their rooms, set up profiles and personalize their iPAQ to control up to 20 categories of audio/visual and home electronics devices.

Robust data preservation tools add greater security, with the iPAQ File Store for storage via 6 MB or 20 MB non-volatile flash ROM and a new iPAQ Backup Utility. Customers can now select which data they want to back up; schedule periodic backups; set a reminder based on battery life; and then password-protect their backup, all by using an optional SD memory card or the iPAQ File Store. The ability to customize standby settings is another new feature, allowing customers to better manage battery usage time by adjusting the standby period.

New third-party accessories such as Bluetooth printers, access points and PC and CF cards are now available for the iPAQ Pocket PC; see for details.

New HP Jornada 728 Offers Greater Memory

HP also announced the availability of the HP Jornada 728 Handheld PC with 64 MB of standard memory -- twice the amount of memory as the previous model. The device offers a built-in 56k modem,(3) a keyboard 76 percent of full size and a 206 MHz Intel SA1110 processor for power, speed and flexibility on the go.

The built-in PCMCIA type II and CF type I slots provide the convenience of adding a wide variety of accessories plus wireless capabilities via personal, local and wide area networking (PAN, LAN, WAN). The built-in smart card reader adds an extra level of security demanded by today's mobile business applications. The estimated U.S. street price is $999.(2) Accessories must be purchased separately. More information about this device is available at

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(1) Wireless capability requires optional wireless modem accessory and service contract, purchased separately. Connect-time charges may apply. Check with the service provider for availability and coverage in your area. Some Web site content may be unavailable. Accessories must be purchased separately.

(2) Actual prices may vary.

(3) Modem is capable of receiving data at 56 kbps/sending at 32 kbps.

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