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HP Introduces Space-saving PCs, Thin Clients and Flat Panel Monitors for Business Users

HP (NYSE: HPQ) today announced availability of several new space-saving business products, including the Compaq Evo D510 e-pc and Compaq Evo D310v desktop PC, Compaq Evo thin clients T30 and T20 with operating system and four flat panel monitors.

The simple to use and maintain Compaq Evo D510 e-pc leverages the original HP e-pc design to maximize space. The powerful yet affordable device is small and light enough to mount unobtrusively on a wall or under a desk.

Pricing for the Evo D510 e-pc starts at $699(1) with an Intel® CeleronTM 1.8 gigahertz processor, 20 gigabyte hard drive, 128 megabyte DDR (double data rate) SynchDRAM memory and 24x slim CD-ROM with Microsoft® Windows® XP Home. Customers can conveniently choose popular pre-configured models or fully customize their own solution with the additional choice of Intel Pentium® 4 processors up to 2.6 GHz, up to 80 GB hard drives, 2 GB DDR SynchDRAM, a choice of 24x CD-ROM or 8x DVD-ROM, and Windows XP Pro. The option of a 16x CD-RW drive or combo DVD/CD-RW drive is expected to be available later this year.

The legacy-free Evo D510 e-pc also shares a common image with other D510 series models with the same chipset for simplified IT management. In addition, the device's new tool-less entry design allows quick and easy access to internal parts for simple upgrade and repair.

Designed to deliver industry-leading value at the lowest initial cost, the Compaq Evo D310 desktop PC series offers an optimal mix of performance and price. The Evo D310 family now includes the D310v, which offers businesses ready-to-run convenience and breakthrough levels of performance to meet their most common computing needs at an unbeatable value.

With its space-saving microtower chassis, the Evo D310v desktop PC is available in ready-to-order models designed for mainstream computing in both value-oriented Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz and Pentium 4 1.8 GHz configurations. Pricing starts at $469(2) for the D310v, which also features the Intel 845G chipset with Intel Extreme Graphics, standard USB 2.0 front access ports and an optional CD-RW drive.

More information about the Compaq Evo D510 e-pc and Compaq Evo D310v desktop PC is available at

Compaq Evo Thin Clients T30 and T20 Unveiled

HP also introduced two new models in its successful thin client line for enterprise customers: the slim, stylish Compaq Evo thin clients T30 and T20 with Microsoft Windows embedded operating system.

Thin clients are small, solid-state devices that connect to current or legacy networks and drive local displays. Because all data is stored on the server and there are no local drives or moving parts, thin clients are inherently easier to manage and offer enterprise customers greater reliability and security with dramatically lower computing costs.

Compaq Evo thin client solutions are ideal for companies with departments that run highly standardized computing tasks within constrained workspaces, such as call centers, or require a highly reliable network of computers running critical applications, such as hospitals or insurance agencies.

The new Evo T30 and enhanced T20 models have a Geode GX1 300 MHz processor, up to 32 MB of flash memory and up to 64 MB of RAM for outstanding performance and value. The Evo T20 is legacy-free with four USB ports. The Evo T30 offers continued legacy support and a PCMCIA slot.

Available immediately direct from HP or through authorized resellers, Compaq Evo thin clients are priced starting at $399.(2) More information about Compaq Evo thin clients is available at

New Compaq Flat Panel Monitors and Ergonomic PC CommStation

Four new additions to the Compaq commercial monitor family also were introduced: the Compaq TFT1520, TFT1520m, TFT1720 and TFT1720m flat panels. Easy to set up and use, the monitors allow users to view electronic documents in either portrait or landscape mode. In addition, the monitors feature icon-based, on-screen controls to easily adjust settings and store them in memory.

The 15-inch Compaq TFT1520 is a value-priced flat panel monitor ideal for a variety of space-constrained working environments. Priced starting at $479,(2) the monitor is perfect for the small home office or home activities such as Internet browsing, e-mail and Microsoft Office applications. With a price starting at $499,(2) the Compaq TFT1520m features the same great qualities as the TFT1520, but also includes the new multimedia PC CommStation module.

A clutter-reducing solution for workers in telesales, service centers, call centers, administrative assistants or anyone with limited workspace, the PC CommStation is a small unit that rests within the base of the monitor and features two stereo speakers, integrated microphone and headphone jacks, USB port and a dual function headset that can be used with a phone or PC. The PC CommStation personalizes and centralizes communication devices, allowing efficient management of personal workspaces with easy access for USB devices and audio, regardless of placement of the PC.

For more demanding display needs, the 17-inch Compaq TFT1720 monitor offers outstanding picture quality with greater viewing capacity at prices starting at $719.(2) The TFT1720m also is available with the PC CommStation module for $749.(2)

All four monitors are plug-and-play compatible and designed for optimum comfort with features that allow users to tilt-and-swivel and adjust the height of the screen to position the monitor to their individual needs.

The Compaq TFT1520 and TFT1720 are available immediately from HP, while the TFT1520m and TFT1720m are expected to be available in early October. More information about these and other Compaq monitors is available at

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