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HP Expands Open Source Offerings with Linux Security Software and Embedded Software Platform for Intelligent Devices

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) today announced Linux-based offerings for the security and intelligent device markets as well as a software developer's portal and a variety of other software tools to provide customers with highly available, reliable and manageable Linux solutions.

The range of offerings announced today -- including one of the industry's first security products for Linux-based systems -- will be on display at LinuxWorld in San Francisco beginning Aug. 27 and highlights HP's commitment to Linux and the open source community.

"With Linux solutions integrated and implemented across every business, HP has one of the most comprehensive Linux programs available," said Martin Fink, general manager, HP Linux Systems Operation. "As Linux becomes more accepted in the marketplace, HP sees a tremendous opportunity for our growing suite of tools for the Linux environment."

HP Secure OS Software for Linux

HP Secure OS Software for Linux provides comprehensive prevention, containment and detection with multiple layers of security. The software protects crucial server components, including the operating system and application layer, and it helps prevent unauthorized communication between programs, networks and files. For example, if a Linux-based system is penetrated, the software's containment feature locks the program, preventing any damage to internal systems. Additionally, the software detects attempts at unauthorized use.

HP Secure OS Software for Linux is easy to install, manage and use, making it attractive for businesses that don't have large information technology (IT) organizations. HP also offers security deployment and implementation services for the product.

HP's Embedded Linux Software Platform

To help make Linux pervasive with intelligent, connected devices, HP has developed the HP Chai-LX embedded Linux-based software platform. HP Chai-LX is a customizable software platform that enables devices to host Java applications and dynamic Web services. The platform combines an optimized embedded Linux operating system with HP Chai software and selected Java applications.

Products such as the HP Digital Entertainment Center, an Internet-connected component for the living room, may offer consumer benefits of Chai-LX in future offerings. Currently, the HP Digital Entertainment Center allows customers to conveniently download and store MP3 files, access Web-based entertainment information and create custom CDs.

To help accelerate the pervasiveness of intelligent devices, HP also plans to open source the HP Chaiserver, an embedded Java application server. Currently, HP Chaiservers are deployed in millions of Web-connected HP LaserJet printers to enable Web-based printing services.

Devnet: HP Embedded Software Developer's Network

The HP Embedded Software Developer's Network, or "HP devnet," reinforces HP's commitment to collaborate with the open source community by providing a Web-based collaborative development environment for the HP Chai embedded software platform and intelligent, connected devices.

HP devnet comprises developer communities delivering tools for creating applications and e-services. Initial HP devnet communities include HP Chai, Cooltown -- featuring the Coolbase open source project, Print and Image, and an open source network for continual exposure to HP's open source projects. HP devnet is powered by SourceForge software .

Manageability and High Availability Tools

Since manageability is critical to the adoption of Linux in IT environments, HP has expanded its Linux management portfolio by adding administrative tools and a partner program. The tools are designed to ease the manageability of IT environments for a range of customer needs: from using Linux as Web servers or for application development to running vital applications on Linux where high availability is necessary.

HP's Linux management partner program for independent software vendors uses HP Servicecontrol Manager software as its manageability framework. Products from Linux software vendors such as Aduva, Integrated Research Ltd., Network Shell, Symark Software and the TOLIS Group are integrated into HP Servicecontrol Manager software.

Other Linux manageability and high availability products from HP include HP Toptools 5.5, HP Servicecontrol Manager 2.5, HP Process Resource Manager and HP MC/Serviceguard software.

About Linux at HP

HP has a comprehensive Linux and open source strategy based on the understanding that Linux is the preferred platform for a wide variety of business needs. HP believes in developing its Linux solutions by collaborating with the open source community. Furthermore, HP integrates and implements Linux across its businesses to provide customers with industry-leading Linux solutions that feature HP Netservers, server appliances, 3D workstations and business desktop PCs, storage products, printers, intelligent devices, developer tools, system management and security software, services and support. More information is available at

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