Blog: June 17, 2016

HP named best in social customer care

By Amanda Naranjo, Corporate Communications Intern, HP News

Company wins highly coveted Total Community All-Star award from Lithium Technologies.


HP’s online support communities host more than 2 million registered users who make some 125 million visits per year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes, those users come seeking general information or a specific solution about an HP product. Other times, they come to the site to share their knowledge with other users.

Keeping a support community of that size humming around the clock can be a daunting task but HP is the best in the business when it comes to that – or so says the company that provides the infrastructure behind the support community.

At its 2016 conference in San Francisco, Lithium – which provides the software that power HP’s user forums – named HP the recipient of its Total Community All-Star award, which recognizes companies who map new territories in digital customer experiences and use the Lithium software to drive business.

With one printer and 1.7 PCs shipping every second, HP has a large and growing installed base of customers globally. The implementation of the Lithium Social Web empowers HP agents to engage with users more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to route issues, questions, and services to appropriate teams in real-time. That, in turn, provides customers with a positive experience when they need it most.

"Every customer matters, every conversation counts," said Kriti Kapoor, global director, Social Customer Care, at HP. "Our goal in social customer care is to ensure that we leave no customer behind and that we are here as a team to engage and help resolve their technology and other relevant issues. We continue to look at innovative ways to improve our operations and extend our social footprint, with a focus on improving overall customer experience."

In 2015, HP saw a 19 percent jump in online visits and a 35 percent increase in the number of postings. More importantly, though, there was a 540 percent reduction in postings that went unanswered or never were routed to help agents. HP has also taken other steps to improve efficiency. It has redesigned its site interface so that users can quickly access important information and share personal profiles.

Likewise, HP has installed an internal monitoring system that tracks the volume of conversations and activity on the support site, enabling help agents to accurately report community perspective, keep a pulse of the community and capture key performance indicators.

Check out the video below to get a peek at HP's Lithium-based community sites, or visit them here.

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